Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles made their relationship official months after Princess Diana’s death by attending her sister’s birthday. Pictured: Camilla and Prince Charles look at eachother as they reopen the newly-renovated Edwardian community hall The Strand Hall during day three of a visit to Wales on July 4, 2018 in Builth Wells, Wales. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles planned their first public appearance as a couple following Princess Diana’s death.

According to Nicholas Bieber, a journalist for Daily Star, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall made their affair public just months after Princess Diana’s passing. Prince Charles and Camilla sneaked into The Ritz in London as a couple in a birthday bash that the prince threw for Camilla’s sister, Annabel Elliot.

The moment was very special for the couple. Prince Charles looked dashing in a black suit while Camilla was stunning by his side. Prince Charles and Camilla later walked down the grand staircase together to a chauffeur-driven royal car and sat in the backseat together. They knew at the time, their secret was finally out.

Prince Charles and Camilla’s departure only took 15 seconds, but they were seen by about 200 photographers and journalists. The next day, the couple landed on the front page of newspapers.

Months after the incident, it was revealed that the palace aides had been planning it and they called it “Operation Ritz.”

Prince Charles’ spin doctor Mark Bolland was the man behind the “T-Day” or together day for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. The goal was to end Prince Charles and Camilla’s years of ducking and diving.

The task of making Prince Charles and Camilla’s relationship official had been on the cards long before Princess Diana’s accident. However, when Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom died, the project was put on hold because they knew that it would only spark public fury. But, it was resumed in 1998, months after Princess Diana’s death.

A number of events were considered great opportunities for Prince Charles and Camilla’s “T-Day,” but they decided to have it on Annabel’s day because she’s a private individual. Doing so during royal occasions would be difficult because there would be dignitaries involved.

Bolland reportedly tipped his contacts at the Sun and Daily Mail about Annabel’s birthday bash as Prince Charles and Camilla’s T-Day. The Queen was reportedly not aware of it.

Prince Charles and Camilla sealed their love in a civil wedding in 2005. However, they still had a hard time winning the public’s sympathy because many sided Princess Diana, who had blamed their affair for her failed marriage.