Queen Elizabeth II has “terrific faith” in Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen had a rough start. At present, the two royals appear to have a great relationship but that was not the case when they started out.

According to previous reports, the Queen had three grave concerns about Prince William’s then-girlfriend. She was concerned about Middleton’s dedication, luxurious lifestyle and lack of career and identity.

In fact, she wanted Middleton to find a full-time job before she married Prince William. It only made Middleton’s life more difficult because she was doing all the things she could without abusing her connections with the royals.

The Queen also did not like Middleton’s partying habits. The Queen found Middleton’s “frivolous displays of wealth unpalatable.”

Kayleigh Robert said that Middleton was “super hurt” by the Queen’s comments about her lifestyle. However, she was advised to hold her tongue because it would be a bad idea to talk back to her future grandmother-in-law.

Also, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly steered clear from Middleton for five years even if Her Majesty was aware that she was dating Prince William. The Queen and Duchess of Cambridge only met for the first time at Peter and Autumn Phillips’ wedding. According to Middleton, the monarch was very friendly in their first encounter.

Over the years, the Queen’s doubts about Middleton was replaced with confidence. In fact, Ingrid Seward told Hello! Magazine that, the monarch got “terrific faith” in Prince William and Middleton’s ability to do the Pakistan tour brilliantly.

Royal reporter Ashley Pearson also revealed that the Queen is very fond of Middleton’s middle-class values and her close relationship to her family. Another great thing that the monarch loves about Prince William’s wife is her modest attitude aside Middleton never tried to garner extra attention for herself. There is nothing flashy or showy about the duchess.

There is no doubt that Middleton has turned the tide when it comes to the Queen’s opinion about her.