Meghan Markle’s unauthorized biography is in the offing.

Tom Bower is reportedly writing an unauthorized biography about Markle. Britain’s most-feared biographer just confessed to Sunday Express that Markle’s book is “in the offing.”

“I’m not going to go into details – I’m focusing on Boris. Yes, it is in the offing, I can’t deny that,” Bower said.

Sources close to Prince Harry and Markle feared that Bower would create an unapologetic tale of her rise to fame and that it could create a divide between them and the other members of the royal family. They believe that the book would make Markle “very anxious” and even likened it to an “executioner sharpening their axe.”

News of Bower’s upcoming book came shortly after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex launched a war against the press. Markle sued Mail on Sunday for publishing her private letter to her father, Thomas Markle Sr. Days after that, Prince Harry also sued The Sun and The Mirror for an alleged phone hacking.

Bower is popular for writing straightforward biography about the royals. He also wrote a biography about Prince Charles.

In his book “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles,” the investigative author claimed that Prince Charles had outrageous travel demands. The future king reportedly ordered to replace the perfectly appropriate fittings in the guest room. He also alleged that the Prince of Wales had a vehicle that contained nothing less than Prince Charles and Camilla’s complete bedrooms including the heir apparent’s orthopedic bed and linen.

Bower added that Prince Charles’ staff packed a small radio, lavatory seat, rolls of Kleenex Premium Comfort lavatory paper, Laphroaig whiskey and bottled water. Prince Charles also brought two landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

The biographer also said that Camilla had outrageous travel demands just like her husband. Camilla reportedly demanded a private jet when she accompanied Prince Charles for the latter’s Global Environment Citizen Award in New York. Also, when she received invitations, she would reportedly give a list of the food she likes and dislikes to the host.