Queen Elizabeth II addressed both houses of Parliament at Westminster in London on March 20 to mark the six long decades of her reign.

Amid the august gathering, the Queen praised and re-pledged the virtues of “resilience, tolerance and ingenuity” before the parliament and vowed her devotion to the British nation. 

We are reminded here of our past, of the continuity of our national story and the virtues of resilience, ingenuity and tolerance which created it, she said in her speech.

A specially commissioned Diamond Jubilee stained glass window, a gift from the members of both Houses, was unveiled to mark 60th anniversary of her reign.

I have been privileged to witness some of that history and, with the support of my family, rededicate myself to the service of our great country and its people now and in the years to come, the Queen said.

So, in an era when the regular, worthy rhythm of life is less eye-catching than doing something extraordinary, I am reassured that I am merely the second Sovereign to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee, she said.

Giving a special mention to her loyal family and to her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, she said: During these years as your queen, the support of my family has, across the generations, been beyond measure.”

Prince Philip is, I believe, well-known for declining compliments of any kind. But throughout he has been a constant strength and guide, she added.

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