Queen Elizabeth II has a morning routine before she eats her breakfast.

According to Reader's Digest, the Queen eats breakfast every 8:30 a.m. with her husband Prince Philip at the Buckingham Palace. But the monarch doesn't eat her morning meal on an empty stomach because upon waking up, she enjoys tea time.

The Queen reportedly drinks a pot of Earl Grey tea with tea biscuits once she's up. Her Majesty drinks her tea without sugar, but she doesn't mind adding a little milk.

The Queen's tea is reportedly piping hot and poured from silver pots into a bone china cup for her to sip. To make her morning ritual even more relaxing, she listens to the radio. For her breakfast, the monarch loves Special K cereal and fruit.

In related news, the Queen just received a surprise visit from her husband in Balmoral. She's been in Scotland for summer without the Duke of Edinburgh. But he was seen in the area last week and they were even photographed inside their car as they made their way to attend a church service.

Prince Philip reportedly arrived at Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire on Monday. He was accompanied by Prince Edward, Sophie, Countess of Wessex and their daughter, Lady Louise.

Meanwhile, there were rumors that there might be a family friction at Princess Eugenie's royal wedding due to Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson. The Duchess of York reportedly visited the Queen in Balmoral, too. However, she left before Prince Philip arrived. Apparently, the two are trying to avoid each other.

"I'm told that Prince Philip was at pains not to bump into the Duchess of York, 58, when she visited the Queen at Balmoral last week," Katie Hind, a journalist for Daily Mail wrote.

"[Fergsuon] left the estate at 10.30am on Sunday after waving Andrew and Bea off to church and headed for Aberdeen airport in a Range Rover, while the Duke of Edinburgh, 97, arrived at 11.15am, to be reunited with the Queen," she continued.

According to Hind, Prince Philip has not forgiven Ferguson for her scandalous photo with her financial advisor, John Bryan. A number of experts believed that the "toegate" scandal was the reason for Ferguson and Prince Andrew's split.

The Duke and Duchess of York remain friends even after their divorce. In fact, they are spotted together from time to time. They were last seen in public on Royal Ascot last June.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II enjoys tea time before breakfast. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives before the Opening of the Flanders' Fields Memorial Garden at Wellington Barracks on November 6, 2014 in London. Getty Images/Stefan Wermuth