As Queen Elizabeth gets closer to her 95th birthday, reports have suggested she will abdicate the throne so Prince Charles can become king. Despite the speculation, royal officials claimed the monarch plans to sit on the throne until she can no longer fulfill her duties.

Over the last few years, Prince Charles has been taking on more royal duties, while Queen Elizabeth has taken a step back from her number of royal engagements. Although the monarch has lessened her number of public appearances, it isn’t a sign that she is abdicating.

According to rumors, Queen Elizabeth is expected to use the “regency act” to make Charles a “Prince Regent.” The Express UK reported the title would allow the Prince of Wales to become King in all but name.

Although Prince Phillip retired from his royal duties at the age of 95, Charlie Proctor, editor of Royal Central, claimed the monarch most likely won’t follow her husband’s path.

“There has long been a suggestion that when The Queen reaches 95, she will step down from public duties, just as her husband Prince Philip did,” told the Daily Star

“However, I can’t see this happening myself. In a few months time, she turns 94, and shows absolutely no signs of wanting to retire.”

Instead, Proctor believes it will be a few more years before Prince Charles becomes King. “I can’t see him becoming regent… he is certainly on the world’s longest apprenticeship,” he added.

Queen Elizabeth’s dedication has made her the longest-reigning monarch in British history. Although that means Prince Charles will have to wait before he comes King, he is expected to be the “most well-prepared heir” the country has ever known.

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles pose with officers during an official visit to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment at Hyde Park Barracks on October 24, 2017 in London. Getty Images/Chris Jackson