Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring is more classic than Kate Middleton’s and Princess Eugenie’s.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are celebrating their 72nd wedding anniversary at present. Due to the event, we re-examined Her Majesty’s engagement ring.

According to Express, the band the Queen received from Prince Philip during his proposal was worth $260,000. Also, it was very significant since Prince Philip designed it using stones from his mother’s collection the same way Prince Harry designed Meghan Markle’s engagement ring.

“Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring, made in London but with diamonds taken from Prince Philip’s mother’s tiara, stays away from the coloured gemstones that future generations have,” Deborah Papas, a gemologist told Channel 4’s “Posh Pawn.”

“It features a beautiful 3ct 'old cut' diamond set in a traditional claw setting in platinum with five smaller diamonds on each shoulder to finish it off.”

Also, Her Majesty’s engagement ring was more classic than Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s as well as Princess Eugenie’s because it did not use colorful jewels. The late Princess of Wales and Middleton’s engagement ring uses a sapphire stone. Meanwhile, Princess Eugenie’s ring included a pink padparadscha sapphire ring. The Queen’s engagement ring is not as colorful, but is more like Markle’s because it is clear.

Queen Elizabeth II still wears the jewel on her wedding finger with a gold wedding band made from Welsh gold.

In related news, some thought that Princess Eugenie’s ring is too similar to that of Middleton’s. However, royal commentator Eloise Parker thinks otherwise.

“Although Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring is reminiscent of Kate’s with the large center sapphire and diamond surround, it’s a very classic design for a royal engagement ring and not likely an intentional similarity,” Parker said.