A prostitute jumped to her death from a three-story window in a building in Queens, New York, while she was trying to escape arrest from a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer during a sting operation. The news was confirmed by police on Sunday, the New York Daily News reported.

The name of the victim is still not identified but reports suggest that she was a 38-year-old who was working in an apartment above a massage parlor on 40th Road near Main Street in Flushing on Saturday when she agreed to perform a sex act for pay on an undercover NYPD cop, according to police sources, NY Daily reported. 

Reports state that she jumped out of the window and landed on the sidewalk below when the undercover cop’s back up arrived to make an arrest. According to officials, the woman was later taken to Booth Memorial Hospital where she died, the New York Post said.

Although the cops have refused to reveal the woman’s name, neighbors say that she went by the name "C.C." and used to turn tricks inside a massage parlor. 

According to a woman working at a nearby jewelry store, "C.C." had just got out of jail four months ago. The woman also revealed that "C.C." wanted to make a better life for herself and after being released from jail she confided in fellow massage-parlor workers saying that she would "kill herself" before getting busted again. 

Rob, a man living near the massage parlor told the New York Post he used to speak with "C.C." about finding a new job. "It’s really horrible. I Saw the paddy wagon this morning and I knew," he said. The city medical examiner is yet to determine the cause of her death. 

This is not the first time that a sex worker leaped and jumped out of a window to evade arrest. 

According to a report on a Nigerian website called Pulse.ng, in May a Nigerian woman who went by the name Sophia, who worked as a commercial sex worker in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, jumped from her balcony to avoid getting caught by the authorities. 

Reports suggest the woman who died, jumped because she was living without papers and she did not want to get arrested by the officials following a tip-off. Sophia’s story was shared by an anonymous Nigerian.  

"To whom it may concern, I am a Nigerian living and working in Dubai. I have to share this story on Pulse in case anyone knows this lady. There is this lady called Sophia but no one knows her real name or her surname. She works as a prostitute here in Dubai and does not have any papers. She lived in Al-Baraha area in Deira, Dubai. No one knows her details though she told people she is from Edo State but we do not know her real hometown or her family members. She and other ladies are into prostitution and they live together. One day, the police went to the apartment to arrest them and instead of waiting for the police, Sophia jumped through the window from the 4th floor and died instantly. Her remains have been deposited at the mortuary. So if anyone you can do something to make her family and friends knows about this, we will appreciate it," the Nigerian man wrote.