Acupuncture is known to be an effective treatment for most of the diseases. However, what most people don't know about is that the technique that has the power to cure several serious disorders can also help quit smoking. Yes, it is true and has been proved that one can quit smoking via Acupuncture therapy.

In fact, acupuncture is a highly effective method widely used for quitting smoking. Now, people who have not been successful in quitting smoking can now achieve success with acupuncture. However, the patient should be willing to quit smoking. The acupuncture therapy promises you quick relief from chronic smoking habits.

The technique of acupuncture is based on the popular belief that 'Chi' or the vital energy force usually flows via 12 key channels situated inside the body. There are about 365 acupuncture points available inside the body. Sometimes due to certain problems, these channels can sometimes get blocked and prevents the smooth vital energy flow.

This ultimately leads to chronic habits. Smoking is one of these habits. Acupuncture can act as a great support and effective medium for stopping smoking habits.

When providing this treatment to the patient, the expert inserts about five needles into the ear, especially in the cartilage avoiding the ear canal part. Some needles are also inserted on the hands and wrists. When the needs are pricked in to the skin, the patient is left to relax for about thirty to forty five minutes. All the needles pricked inside the skin works towards providing great impact on reducing craving for smoking.

There are several treatment methods followed when treating excessive craving for smoking under the category of acupuncture. In order to be a complete non smoker, you need to follow a series of sessions. All these sessions emphasize on physical as well as emotional withdrawal symptoms that occur in the patients during the treatment.

Most patients are advised to undergo treatments with herbs while undergoing needle-pricking or acupuncture treatments. All you require to do is to apply a mixture of clove oils, evodia fruit extracts, oil of wintergreen and Sichuan lovage rhizomes in the acupuncture points in order to get faster results.

Acupuncture not only helps you to quit smoking permanently but also brings you a lot of advantages.

Once the acupuncture series treatment is over, your cigarettes start tasting foul. It takes an almost nesty burnt taste. Once this is the case with you, you can proudly pronounce yourself as a 'non-smoker'.

The acupuncture therapy carried out for quitting smoking tends to reduce several side effects of nicotine withdrawals such as cravings to smoke, anxiety and depression. Blood circulation of the body improves with this therapy. This decongests the lungs and allows you to think positive and carry an optimistic attitude towards life.

Acupuncture is truly beneficial in cases where the patients require emergency treatment for quitting smoking. The treatment will help you to quit smoking within matter of a few days.

However, you need to first check out whether the acupuncturist is experienced and reputed in order to gain maximum benefits.

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