Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health is underway, and new details about it were revealed during the game’s Pro League finals this weekend. We now have a handle on release dates and a potential roadmap for the future with detailed server changes and Operator adjustments.

Those who want to know more about the benefits Operation Health can bring won’t have to wait too long to experience it for themselves. Deployment of Patch 2.1 begins May 24, and it offers one-step matchmaking as well as a series of bug fixes. This process is part of a larger commitment to move away from peer-to-peer servers in favor of a 100 percent client-based solution for PvE, chat and party features. PvP will also be moved to a “more powerful” network alternative over time. The patch will debut on the Technical Test Server first and will come to PC and consoles thereafter.

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Something you might not know, however, is that this title update comes with some pretty substantial Operator changes too. Glaz will be nerfed to do less damage and have more recoil. There are also some noteworthy weapon shifts. Ash will now be able to use flashbangs, Thermite will lose his smoke grenades while Jackal and Fuse will get Smoke grenades. It’s assumed these adjustments will be rolled out alongside the networking ones.

Ubisoft offered a quick look at Operation Health’s future beyond this week as well. Once the matchmaking tweaks have been stabilized, the next step will be to release the 2.2 title update. In it, players will be privy to the new Alpha Pack loot crate system as well as a second round of bug fixes. For those who missed the memo, the chance to get an Alpha Pack increases as you play and the player rolls for a pack with each victory. If the roll ends up being a loss, your increased Alpha odds will carry over to the next match.

Operation Health is a three-month initiative for Rainbow Six Siege that’s entirely focused on technological improvements, deployment changes and fixes for the game’s rampant server problems. In an effort to promote the title’s longevity, Ubisoft essentially reshuffled its Year 2 plans to cancel Polish maps and revise Operator launch dates. The leaked Hong Kong Operators will now launch in August, while the Poland duo will be split between August and November.

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This news comes hot off the heels of some optimistic Rainbow Six Siege data revealed during Ubisoft’s latest earnings call. Officials revealed that Siege was the number one title with regard to community retention. As a result of that continued involvement, it was suggested that a traditional sequel wouldn’t make sense for the foreseeable future.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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