House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s response to the increase of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border into the U.S. drew criticism Sunday from actor Randy Quaid.

The 70-year-old Golden Globe winner accused Pelosi of enjoying the influx of minors crossing the border. Quaid described Pelosi as "pure evil," and promoted the border wall that wasn't built during Donald Trump's administration.

“Nancy Pelosi is pure evil; she’s all giddy over undocumented children being sent across the border by the drug cartels. FINISH TRUMP’S WALL!” Quaid tweeted.

Quaid’s tweet was a response to Pelosi’s comments Sunday on ABC News’ “This Week.” She told George Stephanopoulos that President Joe Biden inherited a “broken system” from Trump.

“The facts are these: there are more children. About 600, 700 more children, unaccompanied children, coming over the border. This is a humanitarian challenge to all of us,” Pelosi said.

“What the administration has inherited is a broken system at the border, and they are working to correct that in the children’s interest,” she added.​

Pelosi isn’t the first Democrat to be on the receiving end of a Quaid rant. Last week, he criticized Biden’s comments about Mississippi and Texas’ decision to lift coronavirus safety mandates.

“We’ve been able to move that all the way up to the end of May to have enough [vaccines] for every American, to get every adult American to get a shot,” Biden had told reporters at the White House. “The last thing we need is the Neanderthal thinking.”

Quaid appeared upset at Biden's decision to use the term “neanderthal” to describe the change to COVID guidelines.

“As a native Texan, I am appalled our president has called me a Neanderthal. 23 And Me has verified that I have NO Neanderthal ancestry gene in my genetic code,” he tweeted.

“This is not to say Neanderthal lives don’t matter, just sayin’ a lot of us Texans have grounds for a class action suit.”

Over the years, Quaid has become more vocal about his right-wing political views and his support for Trump. He falsely claimed widespread fraud in the presidential election.

In 2009, Quaid and his wife were arrested for allegedly defrauding a California innkeeper. The couple later requested asylum in Canada, claiming that their lives were in danger in the United States.

US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly told U.S. Army Gen. Mark Milley in a phone call two days after the Capitol insurrection that then-president Donald Trump should have been "arrested on the spot." AFP / ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS