• Randy Quaid's video has been flagged by Twitter
  • He has had several problems with the law in the recent years
  • Randy is the brother of actor Dennis Quaid

Randy Quaid’s net worth is less than $1 million. The controversial actor’s checkered past with the authorities took a toll on his acting career.

Quaid starred in several movies throughout the years. He was in the “The Last Picture Show,” “Papermoon,” but it was in “The Last Detail” that he was recognized for his acting. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Academy Awards and also nominated for a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA Award, per Celebrity Net Worth. In more recent movies, he was featured in “Independence Day” and “Brokeback Mountain.”

His IMDB page also indicates that he was also part of “Kingpin” and Tom Cruise’s “Days of Thunder.” Aside from being an actor, his credits include being a producer and soundtrack performer.

US President Donald Trump is reportedly headed to Gettysburg to promote his election conspiracy theories
US President Donald Trump is reportedly headed to Gettysburg to promote his election conspiracy theories AFP / MANDEL NGAN

The 70-year-old also has a brother who is also an actor, Dennis Quaid. On the personal side, he married Ella Marie Jolly in 1980, but the two separated in 1989. They share a child together. He later married Evi Motolanez, whom he met on a film set.

The Houston, Texas native has had several issues with the authorities that started years back. Quaid sued the “Brokeback Mountain” producers for allegedly misleading him about the project. The actor was later accused of maltreatment toward his fellow cast of the musical “Lone Star Love,” prompting the Actor's Equity Union to ban and slap him with a heavy fine.

In 2009, Quaid and his wife were arrested after failing to pay a $10,000 hotel bill. Due to lack of money, the two had no choice but to squat on a guesthouse on a property that was once owned by the actor. They were arrested again for causing massive damages to the property. Because of his run-ins with the authorities, projects were hard to come by. No producer would seemingly gamble on an actor who’s having problems with the law.

Quaid once sought asylum in Canada but was denied. He was given permission to stay at Vermont but later abused the privilege as he was confirmed to have crossed to California without repercussions.

Recently, the troubled actor has been very vocal of his support for Donald Trump. The incumbent president appears to have his support also as he has been reposting some of Quaid’s controversial posts on Twitter. Trump reposted a video uploaded by Quaid from years back, per NBC News. The actor attacked Fox News in the video as well as made some allegations about voting fraud. However, Twitter flagged the video, which was shared by Trump and others, after the claims were disputed.

Trump lost the U.S. election to Joe Biden. His camp has expressed willingness to cooperate for the transition process until Biden takes office in January 2021.