On Tuesday night, self-professed geek rapper MC Chris (often styled mc chris) booted a fan from his concert after the fan posted a tweet critical of chris' opening act. The fan, Mike Taylor, was called out by name as mc chris was onstage and then forcibly ejected from the concert.

Taylor's tweet simply read, Dear nerd rapper opening for Powerglove/mc chris. You're not good enough to pander to me. Better luck next time.

The following day, Taylor posted his story to social media site Reddit.com, explaining the incident and asking for feedback, under the name wickerman316 (an account which has since been deleted).

mc chris started talking, and I heard him ask for my real name, Taylor posted. My friend and I looked at eachother [sic] confused and heard him ask for it again. I got up, walked back onto the floor and raised my hand. He then pointed at me and yelled, Security is going to take you the f**k out now! That's what you get for talking s**t on Twitter!'

Throughout his post on Reddit's music forum, Taylor described himself as a huge fan of mc chris (real name Christopher Brendan Ward) since 2004. According to his post, Taylor received a full refund from the venue, Union Transfer in Philadelphia, as well as apologies from both the tour manager and Richie Branson, the opening act in question.

Reddit commenters replied with similar stories of Ward treating fans rudely.

Something similar happened when we went to see him last October in LA, said poster SO-FEE-UH. He had come back out to do his encore and there was this girl dancing right in the front of the stage. Just as he's launching into 'Popcorn Frog' he stops, looks at this girl and says something along the lines of, 'I'm sorry, but your tits are in my face, you're ugly and it's just too distracting, you need to leave.'

Originally, Ward posted the following on his Facebook, last night I kicked someone out for being a dick to my opener richie branson on twitter. now this guy's got his pals calling me hitler on twitter or twitler as I now call it. they say I don't allow opinions. wrong. I just don't like it when u insult my friends and i don't really want you in the building. I have nothing against opinions. i have something against you insulting my friends. pretty simple. #haternerds

Ward later deleted the post and linked to a video apology on Twitter, with a comment saying, for all the offended, im truly sorry. I'll try to be a better mc.

A current Facebook post reads, did two interviews. broke down crying in the middle of the mall. mission accomplished internet. this is the worst I ever felt.

Ward's records are known for their synthesis of geek culture and traditional hip-hop imagery. One of his best known early songs Fette's 'Vette exemplifies this well, rapping from the perspective of Star Wars antihero Boba Fett as if he were a rapper showing off his wealth. Ward has also made guest appearances on the Adult Swim TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force.