A calf born with three eyes and four holes for nostrils in a village in India has shocked the locals. Many residents in the state of Chhattisgarh started worshipping the baby animal calling it an "incarnation of God," according to local media.

The female calf was born to a cow owned by the farmer, Hemant Chandel, a resident of Nawagaon Lodhi village, on Jan. 13, NDTV reported Tuesday. As people got to know about the birth of the rare mutant calf, large crowd started gathering in front of the farmer's house.

"The calf has an additional eye in the middle of her forehead and also four holes in the nostril. Its tail looks like a 'jata' (heap of matted hair) and its tongue is also longer than normal calves," Chandel told Press Trust of India, according to Kalinga TV.

A veterinarian reportedly told the farmer that the calf was in good good health. "However, due to its long tongue, the calf is facing difficulties in drinking milk from the cow. We are helping in feeding her," the farmer added.

The farmer told local media that before this, the mother cow had given birth to three calves but all were born with normal anatomy. "The latest calf born with the rare anatomy has surprised everyone. We believe that the Almighty has taken birth in our house," he said.

While many locals called the incident a miracle and an act of God, a veterinary doctor said such cases happen due to abnormal growth of the embryo and far from supernatural.

"It should not be considered a miracle. Such things happen due to the abnormal development of the embryo. Generally, such calves are weak in health," veterinary practitioner Kamlesh Chaudhary reportedly said.

Last year, a baby goat born with facial features resembling that of a human was hailed as God. The goat was born in the Seltipada village in Songadh, in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Images and videos surfaced on social media at the time, showing the goat with unnatural facial features being worshipped by locals. The video clips went viral at the time.

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