“Raven’s Home” star Anneliese van der Pol is more than happy to reprise her role as Chelsea in the upcoming Disney revival.

But other than her involvement in the project, van der Pol also said that she is proud to give life to the role of a divorced woman and a single mother. While speaking with TV Line, the actress acknowledged the fact that divorce in general will be a huge part of the upcoming episodes.

“‘That’s So Raven’ revolutionized Disney Channel in a lot of ways, some that people may not know, but our show was very diverse. We were a lot of firsts for Disney, especially doing so many episodes. We talk heavily about the characters’ exes, and we’ve talked about possibly doing a show regarding Chelsea’s last name,” she said.

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Van der Pol also indirectly confirmed that the shooting for “Raven’s Home” is still ongoing. The 32-year-old TV star has shared exciting details about one episode where Raven Baxter (Raven Symone) feels a little down about being a single mother. “She feels alone and trapped, and Chelsea kind of has to bring her back to the surface. They’re doing this as two divorced moms, and how great is that? We’re representing single moms all over the world, and I think it’s great,” she said.

The “That’s So Raven” revival was picked up by Disney Channel 10 years after the original series aired its final episode. According to Deadline, “That’s So Raven” set ratings records during its premiere in 2003, and it ultimately ended after four seasons.

In “Raven’s Home,” Raven already has two children, Booker (Isaac Brown) and Nia (Navia Ziraili Robinson). Chelsea, on the other hand, has a son named Levi (Jason Maybaum). All three children go to the same school and are friends with each other. But their lives will get even more exciting and challenging when Raven finds out that Booker inherited her ability to see into the future.

“Raven’s Home” will premiere on Disney Channel on July 21 at 10 p.m. EDT. Other cast members include “America’s Got Talent” Season 11 contestant Sky Katz as Tess, Lexi Underwood as Shannon, Skyler Day as Paisley and more.