Eden Sassoon
“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Eden Sassoon, photographed during a Fashion Week event on Feb. 13, 2017 in New York City, is standing by her convictions ahead of Season 7, episode 11. Getty Images

Eden Sassoon may not be a full time cast member on Season 7 of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but she’s making her mark. Almost immediately after her introduction to the Bravo reality series, she found herself at odds with Kim and Kyle Richards due to questions about the eldest sister’s sobriety.

Eden is standing by her decision to raise questions about Kim’s sobriety on “RHOBH.” During an interview with People ahead of the release of Season 7, episode 11, she maintained that she did so with good intentions. She suggested that the cast spun it as though she was “meddling,” while she believed that it was an act of compassion. Eden told People she simply wanted Kim to know, “If you need me, I’m here.”

“It came from a place of complete compassion and caring,” she said. “And yet everyone sort of came at me in a different way like I’m meddling in their business.”

While Eden is defending her decision to inquire about Kim’s wellbeing, the former child star has been clear that there is nothing to worry about. During Season 7, episode 9, Kim confronted Eden during a Gatsby-themed party at Kyle’s house. Kim, who was once a longtime cast member on “RHOBH,” reminded Eden that she was new to the group and therefore out of the loop about her situation.

“You did jump in and use the word ‘attack,’ which I thought was really the wrong choice of words,” Kim said in reference to their fight during a previous gathering. “You know you weren’t there. I just thought, ‘Wow, you don’t know.’”

Although Eden believes her intentions were pure, she is aware that her allegations are not to be taken lightly. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she recalled her “uncomfortable” discussion with Kim at Kyle’s party. Eden told the outlet that she has love for Kim despite the drama and realized just how serious it was only after she was approached by Kyle’s “RHOBH” best friend Lisa Vanderpump about the situation.

“Look, Vanderpump knows that I will not and will never disrespect her,” she said. “When she came to me and said that, I didn’t take it lightly. I heard her loud and clearly, and I won’t...I really have to digest this and see where it’s coming from. But I’m listening. I hear you loud and clear.”

Eden has not mentioned Lisa Rinna — the “RHOBH” cast member who fed her information about Kim throughout early episodes of Season 7. Lisa R. previously published a post on her Bravo TV blog suggesting that she was done discussing Kim’s sobriety on the show or otherwise. She explained her reasoning for ever having done so, telling readers she saw a correlation between Eden’s loss of her sister and Kim and Kyle’s relationship and got involved.

“It gave me chills as I explained the correlation to Eden, because it’s a big realization I have in that moment, and after sharing my feelings with Eden about what went down at game night and the Richards sisters precarious relationship, I vow to myself that the third time’s a charm,” she said. “And I need to be DONE talking about it.”

While she said she had no plans to discuss the matter anymore, it appears the information she fed Eden will come back to bite her in Tuesday’s episode of “RHOBH.” Tune in at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo to find out.