Michaele Salahi, star of The Real Housewives of DC, told investigators that she was with a good friend and hasn't been kidnapped, according to authorities.

Tareq Salahi, Michaele's husband, called up the sheriff's office in Virginia's horse country on Tuesday afternoon to report his wife missing and believed that she had been abducted, reports the Associated Press.  

However, the Warren County Sheriff's Office released a statement on Wednesday saying they had spoken with Michaele and she assured the deputy that she had left the residence with a good friend and was where she wanted to be. Mrs. Salahi advised that she did not want Mr. Salahi to know where she was.

Michaele is with Journey guitarist Neal Schon in Tennessee, where the band has a gig with Foreigner. 

According to TMZ, Michaele has been dating rock icon, Schon, and went to his show in Nashville on Tuesday night. The couple then moved on to Memphis to attend Journey's show there on Wednesday night.