• Rob Mallard is an actor of the TV soap Coronation Street
  • He was diagnosed with essential tremor, a neurological condition that causes involuntary shaking
  • The actor bravely admitted this after speculations about his condition arose on social media

In 2016, Coronation Street welcomed Rob Mallard as he made his first foray into the world of soap operas. He made a lasting impression on the audience, both on and off the television screen, in the years that followed.

The young actor’s stellar performance on the show has earned him the “Best Newcomer” during The British Soap Awards. A lot of people also praised him for being very brave in openly admitting that he is gay.

While Mallard is enjoying the celebrity status that comes with his public profile, he also directly experienced the personal challenges that fame can bring. The young actor has been fighting a secret health battle for more than ten years. Despite making attempts to hide it, public scrutiny seemed too great to handle, particularly after last year’s interview on ITV’s This Morning. During the interview, viewers saw that Mallard was involuntarily shaking, causing dozens of speculations to appear on social media.

essential tremor rob mallard condition
essential tremor rob mallard condition cm_dasilva - Pixabay

Some of the comments turned from condescending to downright spiteful, with some commenters accusing Mallard of being drunk while in an interview. Before his character sustains more damage, the young actor decided to come out clean and set the record straight.

The Confession

A few months later, Mallard returned to the daytime show to reveal the real reason why he was shaking. The young actor disclosed that he is suffering from essential tremor, a type of neurological disorder that causes the sufferer to shake involuntarily.

Mallard, as he opened up about his condition, said that his solution has always been to conceal and manage. He also revealed his fear that because of the job that he is in, his condition may prevent him from getting roles on TV.

He also disclosed that he felt embarrassed at first when his condition was exposed on TV, and he then became angry afterward. After doing some self-examination, however, along with the tremendous support he got from the public, he decided to reveal his condition. The actor said that through his admission, it might also embolden others living with the same condition also to come forward.

Quick Facts about Essential Tremor

According to the Mayo Clinic, essential tremor is a neurological disorder that produces rhythmic and involuntary shaking. It can affect nearly all parts of the body, but the tremors oftentimes happen in the hands, particularly when performing simple tasks like tying shoelaces or drinking from a glass.

The National Tremor Foundation, persons suffering from essential tremor may experience a great degree of involuntary shaking in the head. In many cases, shaking can also affect the voice and tongue. The torso and legs may also rhythmically shake.

Such tremors may happen in one part of the body or simultaneously with arms or hands. Aside from the physical challenges brought about by such shaking, it may also negatively impact your social and psychological wellbeing.

Managing the Condition

Medical professionals at Mayo Clinic say that some of those who suffer from essential tremor may not require treatment, particularly if the symptoms are mild. If the essential tremor is making it difficult for you to perform your daily activities, however, you may want to consult your doctor on available treatment options. Physical therapy and medicine may be recommended to help manage the symptoms and prevent them from wreaking havoc on your life. Physical therapists can also help you with exercises that seek to improve muscle strength as well as maintain control and coordination.