When Prince William was a child, he was not a fan of the paparazzi. Although his relationship with the press has changed over the years, he still has reservations about letting them into certain aspects of his life.

William’s aversion of photographers caused him to take action once Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince George. In an effort to protect his son from some of his traumatic experiences, the Duke of Cambridge ditched Princess Diana’s tradition and started his own.

When Prince William arrived for his first day at Mrs. Mynors’ Nursery School with Prince Charles and Princess Diana, they were greeted by a crowd of photographers. While his parents were used to the attention, William appeared to be overwhelmed.

In the documentary, “Prince William at Thirty,” royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed Prince William wasn’t happy about seeing photographers on his big day. “You could see that he was – as any boy would be about their first day at school – nervous,” Nicholl revealed.

Despite the intrusion, William was able to enjoy his first day at nursery school. “And off he went, just glancing very briefly for the photographers to get a picture,” Diana’s former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter revealed.

It was later revealed that William earned himself a bit of a reputation when he was away from the cameras and got into a bit of trouble while learning alongside his classmates. “One of the nicknames for him, when he was little, was Basher Wills because he wasn’t afraid to get into a few scraps,” she explained.

Although Prince William was able to adjust to the media attention, he wanted to keep Prince George from undergoing the same stress.

William and Kate did not invite members of the media to photograph Prince George on his first day of school. Instead, Kate took photos of George outside of his nursery school and shared the photos with the public.

Since then, the couple has continued to shield Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis from an overwhelming amount of photographers. Unlike Prince William, George and Charlotte were able to privately enjoy their first day of nursery school.

Prince William
Prince William is pictured visiting the “Future Men” Fathers Development Programme on Feb. 14, 2019 in London, England. Stuart C. Wilson - WPA Pool/Getty Images Stuart C. Wilson - WPA Pool/Getty Images