• There are ways on how you can prevent a heart attack, and this would include living healthy
  • Some foods must be avoided, and some foods, like the superfoods, should be eaten
  • One superfood that you can eat is almonds

Heart attacks occur when blood flowing to the heart is blocked by substances within the artery. These include fat build-up, cholesterol, and many other substances. These form a thick plaque inside the arteries that feed blood and oxygen to the heart.

The substances which choke up the arteries build up because of many unhealthy lifestyle decisions. One of such poor lifestyle decisions is consuming an unhealthy diet. Such can trigger mechanisms that can cause the clogging of your arteries. Good thing some food types can help counter these dangerous mechanisms and, in effect, lower your heart attack risk.

A Healthy Snack

Studies have shown that consuming almonds regularly can lower your risk of developing heart disease. These unassuming nuts help in keeping your blood vessels healthy. Heart disease is a collective term for a host of conditions characterized by the narrowing or blocking of blood vessels. This is a major cause of heart attacks.

almonds superfood prevent heart attack
almonds superfood prevent heart attack 632240 - Pixabay
almonds superfood prevent heart attack
almonds superfood prevent heart attack 632240 - Pixabay

In a study printed in the journal Free Radical Research, researchers found that almonds can increase the number of antioxidants found in the bloodstream. The nuts can also help in reducing blood pressure and improving blood flow.

Antioxidants are compounds believed to play a huge role in defending against heart disease by destroying molecules called free radicals. According to the National Health Service, many scientists believe blood vessel damage is caused by these free radicals. They can also interfere with blood flowing to the heart.

To collate their findings, researchers analyzed the effects of an almond-enriched diet on healthy young men and middle-aged adults. They also did the same thing on a group of young adults who have cardiovascular risk factors, which include suffering from high blood pressure or being obese.

A control group consumed what they often would while another group ate as snacks fifty grams of almonds per day for a month. At the end of the study, the group consuming an almond-enhanced diet enjoyed higher antioxidant levels in their bloodstream. Their blood flow also improved, and they also enjoyed lower blood pressure readings. These improvements lowered their risk of developing heart disease.

It Is A Superfood

According to the study’s lead researcher, Professor Helen Griffiths, their study confirmed the status of almonds as a superfood. Past studies have shown they help keep your heart healthy, but in this new study, even those already suffering from heart disease can benefit from their antioxidant-increasing capability.

The lead researcher said their research has proven that it is not too late to introduce this superfood into your diet, as adding even just a handful or approximately fifty grams can help.