• Losing visceral fat is a huge problem of many especially with a virtually unhealthy lifestyle
  • One way to effectively get rid of this fat is to eat a particular kind of  "fat"
  • Health experts recommend eating avocados daily

Visceral fat is hidden deep inside the cavity of your abdomen and is not visible to the naked eye. Because it is located near important organs like the liver and the stomach, having too much visceral fat is considered very dangerous. This is why for those who have too much visceral fat, losing it should be on the top of the list.

Good thing there is a way to reduce and even remove visceral fat. You can do this by performing a few changes in your lifestyle. Experts have also suggested eating a certain food daily could help you minimize or even lose your visceral fat.

Finding Out the Approximate Amount of Visceral Fat

According to Harvard Health, approximately 10% of all your body fat is visceral fat. If you are clueless on the amount of visceral fat you hold, you can calculate it by estimating your total body fat then getting 10% from that estimate. It will somehow give you a clue on the amount of visceral fat your body may have.

how to get rid of visceral fat
how to get rid of visceral fat TeroVesalainen - Pixabay

Measure the Size of Your Waist

Harvard Women’s Health Watch revealed a woman with a waistline of more than 35 inches are at risk of serious health problems because of the amount of visceral fat they have. For men, having a waistline that reaches 40 inches or more means they hold a huge amount of visceral fat, and losing it now is very crucial.

Eating Avocados Daily Could Help

For those who want to lose visceral fat fast, health experts and nutritionists suggest eating avocado daily. They say that adding this delicious fruit to your diet could help remove your dangerous belly fat.

Avocado has been proven to reduce bad and total cholesterol. It has also been known to suppress hunger pangs and minimize belly fat. Dieticians and nutritionists alike have hailed the fruit as the best dietary staple for those who wanted to lose weight.

On average, avocados contain 29 grams of fat and 322 calories. This is 10 to 20 more times the fat content that could be found in other products in the same aisle of the grocery store. Given this number, it can be said that avocados are considered as more “fat” instead of being a fruit. Thus, it rightfully earns the distinction of being called one of the healthiest foods around.

So the next time that you are tempted to go on an eating spree, better grab a slice of avocado. This healthy “fruit” can certainly beat other options available out there.