• Getting rid of visceral fat early on could mean saving your life
  • This dangerous fat is the one that is located near the vital organs of the body
  • There is one type of exercise which has been proven to get rid of this awful fat

Found deep within the abdominal cavity, visceral fat lies next to many vital organs like the kidneys, intestines, and the stomach. If left unchecked, it can accumulate to huge proportions and could cause life-threatening complications like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Getting rid of it is a must, and fortunately, you can do this by performing the best exercise.

aerobic exercise to get rid of visceral fat
aerobic exercise to get rid of visceral fat arembowski - Pixabay

Losing Visceral Fat

You can minimize or even get rid of visceral fat by consuming a balanced and healthy diet, as well as performing regular exercise. These often form part of many weight and fat loss programs. While any type of exercise can help, there is one in particular that has been proven very effective compared to others in getting rid of visceral fat.

The Best Exercise

According to many studies, aerobic exercise is the best routine to perform when losing the ominous belly fat. In a study conducted by experts at the Duke University Medical Center, they made a comparison of the efficacy of resistance training, aerobic exercise, and a combination of both. At the end of the study, researchers found that aerobic training considerably reduced the amount of liver fat and visceral fat.

They also found that aerobic exercises fared better compared to resistance training, especially when it comes to enhancing fasting insulin resistance and lowering fasting triglyceride levels and liver enzymes. Participants who engaged in resistance training experienced no significant visceral fat reductions, as well as reductions in liver enzyme levels, and liver fat. They also did not show any improvements as regards their insulin resistance.

In the case of the aerobic and resistance training combination, the results were closely similar to those who performed aerobic training alone. According to Cris Slentz, an exercise physiologist and the study’s lead author, resistance training is only good for improving physical strength and increasing your lean body mass. As far as overweight individuals are concerned, aerobic exercise is the best routine to perform, particularly if you want to get rid of your belly fat.

Slentz also added that aerobic exercise burns more calories compared to resistance training. In their study, researches revealed that 67% more calories were burned by aerobic training when compared to resistance training.