Only a few weeks before his death, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart told the audience at a CPAC rally that he possessed incriminating video tapes from President Obama's college years, tapes he would use to vet the Democratic incumbent in 2012.

I've got videos...from his college days, to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what 'hope' and 'change' was sold in 2008, Andrew Breitbart told the crowd. The rest of us slept while they plotted, and they plotted, and they plotted.

Just before those tapes were supposed to be released, however, Breitbart died in Los Angeles, Calif. at age 43. And as it is only right for a man who built an online empire smearing OWS for raping people and USDA employee Shirley Sherrod for present tense racism, it only took a few hours after news of his death for several over-the-top, full-blown conspiracy theories about the Obama tapes to be launched.

HIT JOB? screamed the headline by Tea Party Brief. Soros, Media Matters, 'Occupy', Obama, & ACORN can now breathe a sigh of relief...

Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered For What He Was About To Reveal About Barack H. Obama? read the Daily Paul, while a writer for AntiNewWorldOrder declared, in a news brief populated almost entirely by punctuation marks, that if he said the name of the man (hint: it's President Obama) that had Breitbart killed, he would also find himself dead of so called Natural causes like a boot to the head.

None of these sites feel it's necessary to offer proof of assassination beyond the fact that Breitbart is now dead and that he hated President Obama. That is the beauty of a conspiracy theory: it's so simple and effective, things like facts only serve to get in the way of the main message.

But Twitter, used by Breitbart to in part to gleefully retweet comments against him, has now become the ultimate bastion of Breitbart-Obama conspiracy hashtagging, documented in this slideshow of the 11 most egregious and most laughable theories so far.

Hundreds of Twitter users have posted their suspicions about the Internet mogul and cultural warrior's untimely death. As each minute passes, the theories as to who ordered the hit job and the contents of the tapes gets wilder and wilder.

Some insist that the college videos Breitbart was about to release contain evidence that Obama had numerous gay lovers and was addicted to cocaine.

Other Twitter users paint the picture of a Obama-Clinton-Bush conspiracy web, or compare Obama's typical ordered hits to the actions of genocidal Communist leader Joseph Stalin. And still others tweet that the controversial maverick may have been infected somehow with cancer, and that President Obama has an army of parasites at his disposal.

Andrew Breitbart thrived on the power of a conspiracy theory, and on the impact of one controversial and sweeping statement after another. Click through or slideshow to see the 11 best, worst Obama-Breitbart hit job tweets so far, to remember that legacy as it continues today.