• 13 year-old Bronx native celebrated his graduation with a dance video posted on Instagram
  • His father was a dancer for Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson
  • Ty Cash wants to be a dancer, actor and musician in future

Ty Cash, a 13-year-old native from the Bronx shared a video on Instagram with him dancing in his graduation gown to signify his joy of going to high school. The video showing him in his blue cap and gown has gone viral due to his great dance moves.

According to ABC News, Cash’s dancing career began when he was only 4 years old. Talent runs in the family, considering his father, Tyheem Barnes is a professional dancer and performed with artists like Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys.

Tyheem still performs in Washington Square Park with his twin brother, Kareem Barnes. The sibling duo goes by the name Tic and Tac, Marketplace reported. Interestingly, they have brought innovation to street dancing as cashless spectators were asking if they could tip digitally.

Tyheem shared that he heard it all the time from people asking if he had a Venmo account. They do, however, prefer cash. Kareem said that street performance was something that was made for tangible money.

Cash explained that he learned most of his moves from his father and elder sister, Tiara Barnes.

Due to the global pandemic, most events were moved to virtual platforms, including graduation ceremonies. So, Cash decided to celebrate it the best way he knew, through dancing.

The 13-year-old said he was excited that he did it and accomplished his middle school grades, but there was still some sadness as it was impossible to have the real graduation. Cash emphasized that the dancing made him happy and brought him to a happy place.

Tyheem told his son the world has highs and lows, though Cash needs to be proud of his accomplishments. He added there would be a lot of other chances to celebrate the graduation in reality.

Cash aspires to be a dancer, actor and musician in the future.

Break-dance Pixabay