A video was released on Youtube, showing an unidentified man throwing dog feces at the front door of a home that had a sign supporting Black Lives Matter in Roseville, California. The incident took place on Oct. 21.

The video begins with a German shepherd walking past the home. A man who is thought to be its owner followed, tossing a bag filled with dog feces at the front door, New York Post reported.

The homeowner, Anthony Taura-Lieras, said the incident put his family, including two young children, on edge considering it could have been a hateful message aimed at the BLM movement.

Taula-Lieras told New Your Post that his five-year-old asked him, “Daddy did someone put poop on our door because of our sign?”

The homeowner acknowledged that lapses in judgment happen sometimes, adding he would forgive the unidentified offender if it were a case of not thinking clearly or mental instability. That’s why he hasn’t filed a police report yet. But if it happens again, he’ll proceed with legal action, according to New York Post.

Taula-Lieras, however, believes the suspect lives in the same neighborhood, according to New York Daily News.

People in his community have become more on edge and worried about intolerance as Election Day approaches, he further added.

There have been several racially motivated incidents reported this year. Earlier during the week, a Maryland man, Douglas Kuhn, shot at two Trump supporters that were in a truck because they honked at him. Kuhn was putting a Black Lives Matter sign at the time.

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