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Web address controversy deepens after U.S. warning

A controversial attempt to expand Internet addresses far beyond the likes of .com, .org or .net has provoked a rare threat from the U.S. government to withdraw a key license from the body that runs the Internet's core functions.

Facebook, lawmakers warn employers not to demand passwords

Facebook and lawmakers have warned employers against requesting Facebook passwords while screening job applicants, a controversial practice that underscores the blurring distinction between personal and professional lives the era of social media.

'Human Bird' Jarno Smeets Admits Viral Video is Fake

A video posted on YouTube, featuring a man flying freely like a bird, by flapping a pair of mechanical wings, went viral in just a few days and turned a Dutch man known as Jarno Smeets into an Internet sensation. The video shows the man using a huge pair of wings made of kite fabric, a Wii remote, an Android phone (HTC Wildfire S) and electric motors. He straps on a contraption that allegedly allows him to sync the motion of his arms to that of the wings, thus taking off into the air simply by f...

Samsung Galaxy Note to Get Android 4.0 ICS Uprgade, Stylus-Ready Apps in Q2

A Samsung Galaxy Note upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was expected to roll out during the first quarter, as the company had previously stated. Now, Samsung Electronics announced it has pushed back the update for the second quarter, without giving a specific time frame. However, to make it worth the wait, Samsung promised that the upgrade will come with a Premium Suite of new applications designed to take advantage of the phablet's digital S Pen.

New iPad 3 Battery Charging Problem Makes Users Charged Up

Just one week since has passed since Apple's new iPad went on sale, and there's already trouble in paradise. Many owners of the brand new tablet have complained about excessive warmth - the new iPad can get up to 13 degrees warmer than the iPad 2 during normal operation. But there's a bigger gripe - users are complaining about how the battery of the new tablet charges.

Forget New iPad 3: Windows 8 Will Support Retina Display Tablets Too

After announcing plans of surpassing Apple in the Chinese market, Microsoft has taken another shot at the Cupertino-based tech titan by rivaling the new iPad's Retina display. If manufacturers hold their end of the bargain, Windows 8 tablets and hybrids will feature displays that rival, or even exceed, the new iPad's Retina display, Microsoft said.

iPhone 5 Will Not Feature Rumored 4.6-inch Display: Reasons Why

Much of iPhone 5 rumored specs are predictions based upon the new iPad features, smartphone rivalry/competition and Apple's behavior. Rumors about the next iPhone featuring 4.6-inch display are neither based on iPad nor on Apple's behavior. It is just a false prediction based on the day-by-day hardening competition in the market where rivals like Samsung, Motorola and HTC are releasing some big-screen Android smartphones.

New iPad 3: Weak Wi-Fi Reception Issue Upsets Users

Apple's third generation tablet, dubbed the new iPad, has been on sales for almost a week and it is coming to 24 more countries today. According to Apple, more than 3 million units of the new iPad have been sold. The new iPad is grabbing headlines, not just because it is a very popular product, but also it boasts of a marvelous screen resolution (2048 X 1536 pixels). However, the new Apple tablet is catching unwanted attention - users are complaining of poor Wi-Fi reception and the number of ...

iPhone 5 4G LTE: Will Launch of New Apple Smartphone Kill Sprint?

2012 is going to be the year of quad-core-powered, 4G LTE-enabled smartphones. Android phones like Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and Samsung Galaxy Note are already packed with LTE radio chips. So it's not surprising to see rumor mills buzzing that the next iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5, will also be 4G LTE-compatible.

Twitter Turns 6: What Next?

On Wednesday, March 21, Twitter celebrated its sixth anniversary. A company announcement on its blog reports more than 140 million active users who send roughly 340 million tweets each day. Just two months ago, in January, Twitter said 250 million tweets are being sent out every day, which means a whopping increase of 36 percent in such a short time.

Microsoft Confident Windows Phone Will Outsell iPhone in China

For the first time in history, China has surpassed the U.S. in monthly iOS and Android activations, becoming the world's fastest growing smartphone market, as IDC recently predicted. However, it hasn't stopped Microsoft from saying that it will surpass Apple with its Windows Phone.

BlackBerry PlayBook Jailbreak Will Void Warranty, Warns RIM

When the DingleBerry jailbreaking tool for the PlayBook surfaced last year, Research in Motion (RIM) rushed to patch it and said it would continue to investigate any tools that would enable root access to the tablet. Now, in a post on Inside BlackBerry for Business blog, the company has taken one step further against jailbreaking by officially announcing that such practices will void the warranty of the device.

Mass Effect 3 Fans Wish For Better Ending: Will it be Fulfilled?

The Mass Effect series is one of the best games ever made, and we are not afraid to come out and say that with a serious face. The epic story of Commander Shepard and his team on the mission to save the Galaxy from the Reapers destruction is well known among gamers and non-gamers alike. The latest in the franchise, Mass Effect 3, came out on March 6 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC ahead of great reviews, but there was an underlining problem that blew up so big, it could force the developers (Biowa...

Windows 8 Eyes October Release Date: 5 Exciting New Features Explained

We are totally in love with Windows 8. Yes, honestly, though you might have not noticed it due to all the recent news about the new iPad from Apple. Windows 8 is what we like to call the little sleeping giant that would slay them all. Microsoft released the Consumer Preview back in February, and it was a successful release due to the millions of downloads that took place in the first week.

Linux 3.3 Released with Android Components

We are big fans of Linux on the desktop and Android. So when we heard that the newest Linux Kernel Linux 3.3 will have components found in Android, our excitement level went through the roof. The Android components that have being added to the new Linux Kernel are truly nothing that exciting, but seeing components from the most popular Linux-based OS in the world making its way to the Kernel is exciting enough.

New iPad 3 Overheating Problem Overrated?

The new iPad is the hottest topic in the tech world. Not only that, it is also the hottest of all the iPad devices, literally. Apple's decision to beef up the device with a bigger battery, superbly gorgeous HD Retina display, 4G LTE and a faster graphics processor, has caused the new iPad to run warmer than previous iPads and possibly some Android tablets as well.

New iPad 3 Overheating Problem: Exaggerated or Understated?

The new iPad heating controversy is hotting up. Apple fans think that Android guys are overestimating the heating problems and amplifying the anti-iPad campaign. However, heating problems are serious and can downplay the success of the new iPad. The heating issue is making a lot of buzz now, as iPad is a very popular product. Let's find out whether the problem is exaggerated or understated.

Seagate 60TB Hard Drive in the Horizon

Seagate has become the first hard drive manufacturer to pack 1 terabit - one trillion bits - into a single square inch, a remarkable milestone that will lead to hard drives as large as 60TB within the next decade.

Nokia Files Patent for Vibrating Tattoo...What's That?

While even the most high-end smartphones available today cannot alert owners about an incoming call, text or other notifications without a loud ring or vibrations that may go unnoticed, Nokia has come up with a brilliant idea. Unwired View has discovered a patent application Nokia filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a magnetic tattoo that would alert smartphone owners when their phone rings or a text or other notification arrive.

Gmail Now Explains Why It Thinks Some Emails Are Spam

Many people ignore their spam folders and delete whatever is in there without even looking. Others, on the other hand, check their spam before deleting it forever. In some cases, even relevant emails get doomed to cyber hell every now and then, so checking the spam folder before clearing it out may not be such a bad idea. In this regard, Gmail has come to our assistance by explaining why it thinks some emails should be deemed spam.

HTC Beats Set to Acquire MOG

Beats Electronics, majority-owned by HTC, is close to acquiring digital music subscription service MOG for an undisclosed sum, according to an anonymous source familiar with the matter.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumors Roundup: From Release Date to Specs (and Everything Else in Between)

Could 2012 be the year the Apple iPhone finally gets some serous and real competition from its competitors? It's looking that way with all the chit chatter about the Samsung Galaxy S3. The previous devices sold well, even better when you consider the Galaxy S2. However, it still wasn't enough to be compared with the sales of the less powerful Apple iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S3 is expected to launch this year, and Android fans are betting that Samsung could churn out its most successful Galaxy ...