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Duqu Decoded: Was Trojan Built by 'Old School' Programmers?

With the help of programmers worldwide, Kaspersky researchers were finally able to identify the Duqu Trojan's mystery code. Part of the malware was created with a little used programming language, which prompts researchers to believe it may have been written by experienced, old-school programmers. The Duqu Trojan is an espionage tool that drew lots of attention last year because it has many Stuxnet-like features.

New iPad 3 Beware: Windows 8 Gearing for October Debut

According to a new Bloomberg report citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft plans to wrap up its Windows 8 this summer, just in time for PCs and tablets with the new OS to go on sale around October. The sources wished to remain unnamed due to confidentiality issues.

NetZero to Offer Free Wi-Fi Broadband Teaser for 1 Year, No Contract

Back in 1998, NetZero was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to offer free dial-up Internet access. More than a decade later, the ISP is doing the same thing, but with today's access technology - mobile broadband. On Monday, March 19, NetZero announced its plans to become a virtual 4G service provider by reselling Clearwire's WiMAX bandwidth.

Google Nexus Tablet: Kindle Fire Killer or Threat to New iPad?

We’re sure you have heard of the rumored Google Nexus Tablet being built by Asus. This little wonder tablet is expected to come with a 7-inch display, similar to that of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is the most successful Android tablet, but it isn’t recognized by Google, as Amazon is using Google’s own OS to compete with it. If the Google Nexus 7-inch tablet is real, would it compete with the new iPad, or the Amazon Kindle Fire? We think it’s the latter of the two.

New iPad 3 Overheating Problems Will Cool Down Sales?

Overheating isn’t new to the Apple iPad, previous versions always seem to have the problem but it wasn’t much of a factor to consider much, well, until now. No doubt the new iPad is hot - it’s so hot that the Apple sold 3 million of these little beauties during the debut weekend worldwide. How exciting. However, the new iPad is now heating up in more ways than one and Apple fans aren’t too happy about it.

New iPad 16GB WiFi + 4G Costs $630: Guess How Much Profit Apple Makes?

When you go out to buy the new iPad, one thing you would realize is the fact that it is not cheap to purchase, especially the 64GB version. But what if you knew the amount Apple actually spends to produce each new iPad? You would be surprised by the price difference, and you may feel that Apple is fleecing you when you get to know how much profit Apple is actually making from each new iPad sold.

Forget New iPad 3: iPhone 5 Launch May Make Apple Stock Zoom to $700

On Friday, March 16, UBS analyst Maynard Um issued two research notes on Apple Inc. In the first note, the analyst raised Apple’s price target from US$550 to $675, expecting the launch of a new iPhone later this year to be the biggest launch in Apple’s history. In the second note, Um deemed the launch of the new iPad a success.

New iPad 3: Less Profit For Apple Compared to iPad 2?

Each time Apple releases a new product, research teams such as IHS iSuppli take it apart and strip it to its components to analyze costs and profits. And, according to the latest analysis, Apple seems to be making less profit with the new iPad than it did with the iPad 2, as the component parts for the new device are more expensive.

Google Nexus Tablet: New Rumored Specs of Kindle Fire Killer Revealed

Amazon Kindle Fire proved true that entry level tablet users want budget tablets than high-end tablets. Hence, Google, working on the same concept, is gearing up to release a new tablet with partnership with Asus. The Google tablet, dubbed Google Nexus, is expected to be priced under $200 to enable it to compete with Kindle Fire. Let’s find out how the new Google Nexus tablet will put the fire out of Kindle Fire.

iPad 2 Design Makes it More Susceptible to Accidental Damage than Original iPad: Report

The new iPad is out and sales are skyrocketing everywhere the device is sold. But let us focus a little bit on the previous tablet, the iPad 2. It is still the undefeated champ with sales in the tens of millions. However, as great as a device it is, the Apple iPad 2 was and is still prone to breaking more easily than its predecessor, the original iPad, something we haven’t seen many bloggers talking about since the device launched back in 2011.

HTC Lists 16 Smartphones for Ice Cream Sandwich: Which Are the Lucky Ones?

The newest version of Android is called Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich, an OS released back in 2011 and is yet to feature on most Android handsets. The way things are shaping up, many users might have to wait months to get the new update. And in a worst case scenario, many might never get it as this is a what manufacturers have been doing in regards to Android for years. Luckily, HTC announced 16 devices that will get the Ice Cream Sandwich update in the coming months, and hopefully other de...

iPhone 5 Release Date and Features: New iPad Speaks Volumes About New iPhone

The new iPad is still the hottest topic on the Internet, and very well deserved too, unlike the iPad 2. The new Apple tablet goes on sale on Friday, March 16, at 8 a.m. The tech giant's next big unveiling is likely to the iPhone 5, and if our tingling spidey senses are working correctly, then we expect the iPhone 5 to be very similar to the new iPad in terms of specs and features. There are certain things about Apple’s new iPad that would work wonders on the next iPhone, and if implemented, ...

New iPad Sans Siri: Calculated Move or Big Mistake?

If you have been following stories about the new iPad since the device was unveiled on March 7, 2012, you would have realized by now that Siri is missing, and for reasons unknown, as Apple is yet to make a formal statement on the matter.

iPad 3 Hits Stores: Top 5 Android Alternatives (Photos)

Apple's new iPad is making its way to stores today (March 16), and like on every other occasion, the waiting lines are going to be extended out of this world. However, there are some potential tablet owners who will not take bait and buy the new iPad. Instead, these persons might look to Android for some comfort. For you guys, we have five Android alternatives coming up that you might find intriguing enough to keep you away from the world of Apple and the new iPad.

New iPad 3 Finally Released - How and Where to Buy the New Apple Tablet

The new iPad goes on sale March 16, Friday at 8 a.m. worlwide as you might have known already. It's going to be difficult getting your hands on the new tablet since the demand is so high. The way we see it, only the lucky ones will get the new iPad today, everyone else will have to wait until another time, or pay a hefty amount to someone who will definitely buy an iPad just to resell it for $1000 or more.

Google Revamps Search to Resemble ‘How Humans Understand the World’

Google is in for a major retooling of its search engine, aiming to make big changes in how it searches the Web. While traditional Internet search technologies recognize keywords typed into query boxes and deliver links to seemingly relevant Web sites, Google plans to do more than that – understand what people are actually searching for.

iPad 3 Release Date Friday March 16 8 a.m. - The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

At last, the most anticipated Apple tablet is going public today. Those who have preordered the new iPad will have to wait three more days (as shipping starts March 19). Apple fans are breathlessly waiting to catch the glimpse of the new iPad. All they dream of is swiping their fingers across the marvelous Retina display.

New iPad 3 Goes on Sale Friday March 16: Stand in Line or Buy Cheaper iPad 2 Instead?

The new iPad goes on sale Friday (March 16) at 8 a.m. Want the new iPad but you are too lazy to stand in the line or hate getting your tablet later than others? Well then, how about buying the cheaper iPad 2 instead? It all boils down to your needs and preferences. You might just find out that you don’t need the new iPad, or, the iPad 2 could be less advanced than what you would prefer.