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New Frog Species Discovered in NYC Concrete Jungle

Scientists discovered a new species of leopard frog in New York City’s concrete jungle and several surrounding counties. While most undiscovered species are found in remote areas, the surprising fact about this discovery is that it’s been in plain sight all along.

Rodent-like Vegan Mammals Thrived with Dinosaurs: Study

For decades, researchers believed that mammals could not have thrived until the dinosaurs went extinct. Recent research, however, conducted by evolutionary biologist Dr. Alistair Evans, of Monash University in Melbourne, and colleagues, tends to suggest otherwise. The new study indicates that at least one group of ancient mammals thrived and started expanding 20 million years before the dinosaurs died.

New iPad 3 Cases Are Out: Which is Your Favorite? (PHOTOS)

Apple's new iPad will go public on Friday, March 16 (8.00 a.m. onwards) and cases for the third-generation iPad are already out. If you have pre-ordered the new tablet or thinking of buying one, then it is perfect time to buy a case for your new tablet.

HTC One X versus Nokia Lumia 900: Battle of the Titans

Apple iPhone 4S is in cold zone and the new flagship device (iPhone 5?) will be launched in Q3 2012. So, now it is perfect time for other manufacturers to succeed with their smartphones. Mighty Nokia is changing its Windows phones flagship with Lumia 900. On the other hand, HTC is going to debut its One X - the quad-core phone introduced at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

Apple Chief Design Guru Sir Jonathan Ive Slams Rivals for Having Wrong Goals

Apple’s chief design guru Sir Jonathan Ive - rarely goes for an interview. But this time, Thisislondon’s editor Mark Prigg was lucky as he got successful in interviewing the knighted British designer. In the interview, Ive criticized rivals for having “wrong goals,” besides sharing what makes Apple products so “Apple.”

Enemies? New iPad Depends on Samsung Touchscreen

Apple and Samsung have been wrangling with each other for so many months. Sometimes Apple tries to sue Samsung and other times it is Samsung’s turn to play its legal games against Apple. Many people may think that these two companies are enemies, but they are business partners when it comes to hardware components.

iOS 5.1 Release Update: 5 Exciting Features that Convinced Me to Upgrade to New iOS

I didn’t quickly jump to upgrade my iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1 because at first I didn’t see why I should. But after investigating all the features and seeing what they can do for me, I took the plunge and I am never looking back. I am also one of those folks who are experiencing bugs in the new update, the most prominent is the screen rotation on my start screen, but that’s a minor problem and something I can live with, until a fix presents itself.

iPhone 5 Rumors Roundup: From Release Date to Features (What We Know So Far)

The Cupertino-based company, Apple, left its fans disappointed last year when it released iPhone 4S, in place of much-rumored iPhone 5. However, the iPhone 4S turned out to be one of the most sold iOS device with much hyped launch of Siri – the virtual assistant. And, after the debut of the new iPad on March 7, Apple watchers’ attention has once again turned to iPhone 5.

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard: Putting PlayBook Back in Action?

The next line of BlackBerry smartphones is not expected until autumn. However, meanwhile, Research in Motion (RIM) keeps working on new ways to make its enhanced PlayBook tablet even more attractive. In this effort, RIM has officially launched its long-awaited BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, a new and exciting accessory for the PlayBook.

Siri Misleading and Deceptive Advertisements Land Apple in Sirious Trouble

Apple has found itself in a little problem with the law. Siri not on New iPad? Siri gets Apple in trouble in this classic suspense thriller brought to you by the IBTIMES. OK, we are obviously enjoying this a little bit too much. Anyway, this man in New York who recently bought an iPhone 4S, has sued Apple because he believes Siri does not work the same way it does in commercials (a true patriot this guy, hats off to you).

Apple Arrogant or Ignorant of Pegatron Explosion Victims' Plight?

Working in a local Apple Shanghai factory, has turned out to be a nightmare for many Chinese workers. Apple has been regularly criticized for working conditions of workers in Chinese factories that help in manufacturing Apple products. The latest report is that Apple may have ignored the plight of workers in Pegatron, a Taiwan-based design and manufacturing service provider and an OEM for iPhone and iPad, who were injured in a dust explosion last December.

Galaxy S3 to Threaten iPhone 5 with Rado-style Ceramic Design?

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5 – the two monster smartphones are making a lot of buzz in smartphone gossip zone. Probably they are the most-anticipated devices in the whole mobile gadget history. Apple iPhone 5 is considered as a Galaxy S3 killer, while Samsung’s gem is being deliberated as a major threat to iPhone 5, especially with its new Rado-style ceramic design.

iOS 5.1: 5 Reasons Why it is Best iOS Yet

Apple iOS v5.1, from what we have seen, is the best version of the iOS yet. This version doesn’t change a lot when compared to iOS 5.0, but sometimes it is the little things that matters most, and those little things have helped push iOS 5.1 to be the best iOS version ever.

iOS 5.1: Five Problems to Consider Before You Update

Apple announced the rollout of iOS 5.1, its latest version of the company’s mobile operating systems. As expected, updates didn’t go as smoothly as Apple would have planned. Many iOS users are being plagued with problems no sooner after they have updated their iOS devices, making us wonder when Apple will release a fix for these problems soon. The bugs are not major, but they are still being a nuisance and require attention as soon as possible

Forget New iPad: 5 Reasons to Buy Galaxy Note 10.1 Instead

The new iPad is under immense hype right now, the device is becoming the hottest thing to own, but do you really have to? There are other tablets out there that are able to do just about everything and more compared to the new iPad. They might not be the easiest to use, but with an Android tablet, users are likely to have more choices than with the new iPad. One such Android tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, one of the best Android has to offer.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Versus Galaxy Tab 2 10.1: Two Samsung Heavyweights Compared

In 2011, Samsung only had one 10.1-inch tablet in its Android tablet lineup. Now after MWC 2012, the Korean tech giant has released not just one, but two 10.1-inch tablets – Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - which will shortly be available in the market. Samsung has been comparing its new tablets with Apple’s new iPad and iPad 2. But, let’s forget the iPad for a moment and compare the two Samsung heavyweights – Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. Which of them come up tops?

iOS 5.1 Release Date: Top 10 Features in New Update

Apple has released iOS 5.1, along with the debut of the new iPad. Users can now update their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices to iOS 5.1. The update is available at iTunes Store. Users can also update from their Apple device by navigating to Settings -> General -> Software Update and following further instructions there. The new OS is more than just a bug-fix update. Here are top 10 reasons for updating to iOS 5.1.

New iPad 3: Top 5 Games Optimized for New Apple Tablet's Retina Display and Superior Graphics

The new iPad from Apple is following the footsteps of the iPad 2 to become the champion in tablet gaming. Due to the device’s Quad Core GPU and 2048x1536 pixels resolution HD Retina display, games on this beast of a tablet will have graphics never before seen on a tablet. Apple’s Mac OS X platform might not be getting the attention it deserves from game developers, but the iOS platform is, and Apple is pulling out all the ammunition to make sure the support continues.

Joseph Kony 30 Minutes Viral Video Shows Power of Social Media

Thanks to the power of social media, Joseph Kony’s 30 minute video, dubbed “Kony 2012” produced by Invisible Children has been viewed more 70 million times on YouTube. The controversial video was uploaded on Monday, March 5, has gone viral and will likely cross 100 million views by the end of this week.

New iPad Release Date: Forget March 16, New Shipping Date is March 19

Looking to score a new iPad early? You’re out of luck. Reports are coming in that the new iPad has been sold out, but the most devastating new is the fact that there is a new shipping date for those pre-ordered iPads. The new date is March 19, and there will only be two new iPads per customer, to make sure everyone goes home with something in their hands.

Nokia Lumia 900 Versus Nokia 808 PureView: What Will You Buy?

Nokia took MWC 2012 by storm when the Finnish giant unveiled the most sophisticated camera smartphone since the Nokia N8, the Nokia 808 PureView. We consider this device a camera with smartphone capabilities, not the other way around. Never have we seen a smartphone with a 41-megapixel sensor. It’s unreal, shocking and awesome all at the same time. Some believes Nokia is showing qualities of the company it once was before the Apple and its iPhone invaded the smartphone market.

Nokia Lumia 900 U.S. Release Date Delayed till April 22: Buy Lumia 800 Instead?

The delay of the Nokia Lumia 900 has come as a big disappointment to Windows Phone 7 fans, who were eagerly waiting to get their hands on what is considered to be the sexiest Windows smartphone ever conceived. The Lumia 900 was scheduled to launch exclusively on AT&T in March, but likely due to the New iPad launching on AT&T in the same month, the decision was made to push back the Lumia 900 release to April 22. A month of waiting for the Lumia 900 could be a problem for some. What should the ne...