Capcom and Audeze have teamed up to help promote the latest Resident Evil game
Capcom and Audeze have teamed up to help promote the latest Resident Evil game Capcom

When people think of horror games like Resident Evil Village they think of the creepy images and characters. Well, with Village they're also thinking of the tall vampire lady, but that's a different story. However, what really gets people scared is audio, and using an immersive headset only makes that audio more horrifying.

That's why it is a perfect fit that Resident Evil Village has partnered with audio great Audeze to celebrate the latest entry in the long-running horror game franchise. Those who buy an Audeze Mobius gaming headset from will get a free Steam key for Resident Evil Village. This offer is only available for those in North America and is limited to the first 500 sales.


What makes the Audeze Mobius such a good fit for Resident Evil Village? The headset uses unique technology to really make it sound like audio is coming from 360 degrees around your head. Even more impressive, the audio will track your head movements, so if something sounds like it is coming from your left and you turn your head to the left, the sound will now seem like it's coming from straight ahead.

With that cool technology, being chased by monsters and fighting for survival will sound almost too realistic. Thankfully, if the action gets too intense it is possible to turn off the 3D spatial effects on the Mobius. However, be warned that even with the 3D effects turned off, the Mobius is still a pretty remarkable gaming headset.

"The Resident Evil series is the gold-standard of the survival-horror genre, known for its amazing visual quality, thrilling action, and immersive environments," Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO of Audeze, said in a press statement. "Pairing the acclaimed spatial sound effects of Resident Evil Village with the immersive 3D audio technology from the Mobius headphone delivers a truly amazing immersive experience."

The Audeze Mobius is compatible with PCs via either Bluetooth or a USB-C cable. The headset also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which means it can be plugged into PCs that way or be used with any other gaming console. Regardless of which method of connection is used, the Mobius can still create 3D spatial audio effects to help immerse players in whatever game they are playing.

The Resident Evil Village + Mobius bundle is available right now on The bundle includes an Audeze Mobius headset and a Steam key for Resident Evil Village, and runs for $399.