Return to Amish
Sabrina Burkholder has confirmed a third pregnancy. She is pictured at the “Breaking Amish” discussion panel for the 2012 Summer Television Critics Association tour in Los Angeles on August, 2, 2012. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

After a tumultuous season of “Return to Amish” which saw her begging for a second chance with her co-star and learning she had suffered a miscarriage, it appears things are once again looking up for Sabrina Burkholder’s personal life, as the reality star has confirmed she is pregnant and expecting her third child.

In recent episodes of the TLC series, Sabrina learned she had suffered from a miscarriage without knowing she was pregnant, and went off to a treatment program in Lancaster. However, the reality star, who previously admitted to nearly dying of a heroin overdose last year, has since confirmed that she is once again pregnant and expecting a child.

Burkholder (also known as Sabrina High) took to Facebook over the weekend to share an update about her pregnancy, after first confirming the news on New Year’s Eve.

“I had no idea a tiny little baby could have such strong little legs and arms. My other two were nothing like this. This child definitely takes after his ambitious father. He will not let me sleep. I have to lay here and talk to him for a while before he calms down…Like what is so entertaining about being inside of a uterus? It’s like he thinks he can claw his way out or something. But I love every single second of it,” she wrote.

Sabrina later revealed in the post that she is due in March, but the response to another comment seemed to indicate she was officially finished with the show that made her famous, and that if it were to return for another season, she would not be a part of it.

“If I ever go back on tv it will be om a Christian network. And I don’t see that happening but thanks,” she replied to a fan who expressed a wish for her to get her own show.

The news about the baby and her potentially leaving the reality series comes after Sabrina suffered from issues with drug addiction which previously left her off of the show. She most recently confirmed in August that she had technically died of a heroin overdose two months prior, but that she was getting clean and sober with a lengthy rehab stay.

If she does leave the show, that would leave Jeremiah Raber as the sole original cast member still committed to the series. Kate Stoltz left the show after the third season of “Return to Amish,” while Rebecca and Abe Schmucker opted not to return for the current season.

“Return To Amish” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.