• The PS5 will allegedly be revealed during the "Experience PlayStation" event running from Jan. 14 to Feb. 16 in New York City
  • One model PS5 will be released in October of 2020 and reportedly cost $499
  • PlayStation Now will allegedly be a bigger focus for Sony following the PS5's release

The price and release window of the PlayStation 5 have reportedly leaked online ahead of the “Experience PlayStation” event in New York that is rumored to include the official reveal of Sony’s new console.

The alleged leak was posted on 4chan by an anonymous user on Thursday. The leaker says the PS5 will launch in October, fitting in the holiday window Sony confirmed during CES 2020 in Las Vegas. It will allegedly cost $499 at launch, which will allegedly run $100 more than the Xbox Series X, also set for release during Holiday 2020.

PlayStation will reportedly adopt the new slogan, “It’s Time to Play,” which Sony will first pair with the PS5.

The leak continues, saying the official reveal will be on Feb. 5, 2020, at a “PlayStation Meeting” at the Sony Hall in New York City. Sony would reportedly show off most major aspects of the console, including the design, user interface, specs, controller and launch window games.

Some of the games the leak says will be teased include a sequel to 2018’s “Spider-Man,” a new IP from Naughty Dog, a sequel to “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” and a new “Crash Bandicoot” game.

PlayStation’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now, will also reportedly be a “vital” piece of the PS5 reveal.

This would place the reveal in the middle of the “Experience PlayStation” event. It begins on Jan. 14 and will run through Feb. 16 at New York City’s Sony Square showroom. It is in a similar vein to the “25 Years of Play” event in December and celebrates 25 years of PlayStation with playable demos for the public to enjoy.

The leaker ends by saying Sony will only be releasing one model PS5 at launch, with pre-orders going up the same day as the reveal.