Victoria (Madeline Stowe) wasn’t the only one who nearly flat lined during episode 8 of “Revenge.” The heart-stopping Season 4 installment of the hit ABC series kicked off “Contact” with everyone’s favorite villainess nearly biting the dust. However, David (James Tupper) stepped in at the nick of time to save his sweetheart. Curious if David will ever regret being CPR certified? Find out by recapping what happened during tonight’s episode below!

While David used every technique in the book to resuscitate Victoria, Emily (Emily VanCamp) looked on with pursed lips and tear-filled eyes – neglecting to lend a helping hand. Can you blame her? After everything Emily and Victoria have been through watching her father save her nemesis’ life must have made her skin crawl, which is why she decided to tell her father just why she refused to call 9-1-1 per his request.

“The Amanda I remember cared about every living creature,” David said, completely unaware of what his daughter has been through during the past few years.

Amanda replied that David couldn’t possibly understand her dark side because he has “no idea” what she’s been through -- and all because of the Grayson matriarch. That’s when their father/daughter reunion started turning sour. David asked Amanda why she was pretending to be someone else. She replied that it was to seek vengeance for her father and clear his name. But David wasn’t interested in getting help, none the less have his daughter slaying souls due to his alleged demise. In fact, he even tried to tell his daughter to forgive through his journals -- something she willingly overlooked.

While their heated discussion occurred, the menacing Victoria looked on nervously. She decided to do something drastic to prevent their conversation from mentioning the role she played in this mess of a story. She unhooked a wire, making it look as though she was reaching the end, and caused David to cut his talk with Emily short and run to her bedside. Although David didn’t find anything suspicious about what just happened, Emily was no fool.

That wasn’t Victoria’s only “near-death” moment during episode 8. Victoria’s life was threatened toward the end of the episode when two men posing as doctors used her life as leverage to get David as a hostage. But thankfully Emily was hiding underneath Victoria’s hospital bed to assist her father, disarming one man and chasing another out of the hospital window (we couldn’t make this up if we tried).

After the chaos settled, David took a moment to apologize for his harsh words. He said although he didn’t believe he deserved her as his daughter, he was thankful that she was there. But shortly after stating his pride, David shocked viewers with this little tidbit: “I can’t be your father.”

“It’s too dangerous. I already lost you once I won’t let it happen again. It’s my turn to protect you. Infinity times infinity,” he explained, which Emily agreed to. But if there’s one thing Emily is, it’s twisted. At the very end of episode 8 viewers learned that the one man who escaped from Victoria’s hospital room didn’t make it very far. His current position is located in Emily’s home where he’s being tortured by yours truly. Looks like Emily isn't about to sit quiet while her father's captor roams freely.

That's right, David revealed the truth of what happened to him. He was tortured (by someone who he wouldn't reveal to his daughter) and forced into criminal situations or else his daughter and grandson would face the repercussions.

Another major moment that occurred in Victoria’s hospital room was when David confronted the Grayson matriarch regarding her knowledge of Emily being Amanda. Victoria managed to smooth talk her way out of it, claiming that if she was to tell David Emily’s true identify that Amanda would have seen to it to have her locked back up.

“I couldn’t go back there, David,” she cried. The only question now is: Did David buy her act?

Victoria also found herself in tears when her son Daniel (Joshua Bowman), who was having his own trouble with the ladies, showed up for a visit. He blamed Victoria for why he is emotionally damaged and stated his disgust for her toying of David. But Victoria, of course, had an explanation to make her not look the least bit demonic.

“Your father business practices forced me to make a despicable choice. It was either my lover’s life or my son. I sacrificed David and saved you. Daniel, I will always choose you,” she said.

But Daniel, who seems to be wising up, wasn’t buying in to it. “Thanks, mom. Thanks for being a cautionary tale. One that I won’t dare let happen to me.”

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