Rick Ross
Rick Ross talked about the beef between Meek Mill and Drake during an interview. Pictured: Rick Ross performs at the “Puff Daddy and The Family Bad Boy Reunion Tour” on May 20, 2016 in New York City. Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

The beef between Drake and Meek Mill seemingly quieted down for most of 2016, but ever since Drizzy fired new shots at the MMG rapper on his “Summer Sixteen” tour, it’s been rekindled.

In the past, Rick Ross — who discovered Meek Mill —tried to play peacemaker between the two, but now he’s changed his tune and fired a shot at the “Views” creator. He did it during a newly released interview on N.O.R.E and DJ EFN’s podcast “Drink Champs.” The 40-year-old rapper blasted those who said that Drake ultimately defeated his protegè.

“N---- ain’t lose to nobody,” Ross stated, which was captured by TMZ. “Ya’ll gotta study the game and how the game go.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ross said he only has two choices when it comes to dealing with the feud, either try to end it or allow things to get worse.

In addition, the “Purple Lamborghini” rapper said if the beef does escalate, he’ll easily side with Meek Mill and go against Drake. “You either be G enough to whatever the issue is, n----- bring it to the table or you just let it get out of control to see what happens,” he explained. “For my dog, it’s whatever if it’s going to be whatever. If it’s gotta go there, man, Rozel’s going to jump on the porch on your a--.”

This isn't the first time that Ross has addressed the Meek Mill, Drizzy conflict. He did it in October 2015 when he stopped by “The Breakfast Club,” three months after it began. In that sit-down, he spoke rather kindly of Drake.

Moreover, Rozay said the battle between both rappers was good for hip-hop. “At the end of the game, for me, my position, I think this is what’s good for the culture,” stated the MMG boss. “Because coming up in this game, I’ve seen it, you’ve all seen it, you will have skirmishes. You will have scrimmages going for that No. 1 spot.”

“And I feel like, really, by Meek Mill being my little brother and Drake being my little homey, I really feel like they was two little homeys that was in high school on the way from school and fought over a pair of Js … And when the new Js come out they back cool.”

Despite Ross’ theory that the feud between Drizzy and the Dreamchaser would be short-lived, it’s recently gotten the attention of fans, other rappers and radio hosts alike.

Earlier this week, Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg blasted Drake for insulting Meek Mill in his hometown of Philadelphia. “Someone has you really gassed,” tweeted Rosenberg. “Dissing Hot in NYC, Meek in Philly … There was no need for Drake to reignite things with Meek.”

As of now, Drizzy hasn’t responded to Ross’ “Drink Champs” interview, and Meek Mill hasn’t mentioned anything about it either.