Some Twitter users poked fun at Rihanna's apparent nude photos by calling her "Mowgli." Reuters

As if it wasn’t bad enough for superstar Rihanna to have more nude pictures leaked on the Internet, some Twitter users compared her to Mowgli, the fictional character from “The Jungle Book.” There has apparently been a second wave of celebrity nudes leaked following the Fappening, which occurred on Aug. 31.

The images are full frontal nudity that shows the star with tan lines. The signature tattoo on her chest can be seen. Rihanna, 26, has not officially confirmed the pictures are authentic, but in the past she has admitted explicit images were leaked online.

Some Twitter users posted side-by-side images of the character, who is a young boy, and Rihanna. Others just shared the apparent joke. There were a few naïve users who assumed the Disney film was on television since Mowgli was a top trending topic Sunday, but once they inquired about the trend, they realized they were wrong.

The pictures might have been taken during a fitting, TMZ wrote. Her rep did not respond for comment and she did not issue a statement on any of her social media platforms, even though she was active on Instagram Sunday.

Rihanna was not involved in the first round of the Fappening leak, which targeted celebrities like Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton and “Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco, but dozens more celebrities have been affected three weeks after the initial leak.

Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good have both released statements that confirm the pictures and condemn them being shared. Kim Kardashian was apparently involved in the leak, but the queen of reality television, who arguably became famous after her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray Jay was released, has remained silent.

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