Photo Credit: Cher (Reuters), Adele (Twitter), Demi Moore (Reuters)

There is a new trend on Twitter - announcing death hoaxes of celebrities.

Following those that spread false rumors of the deaths of singers Rihanna and Cher and actress Demi Moore, another hoax did the rounds on Saturday. This time it was over British singer Adele's fate.

Although the development of social networking platforms have made it easier to share information at a speed apparently faster than that of light, in the absence of any sort of censorship on the Internet, users tend to take a little too much liberty in generating and spreading random news stories, from birth to death, without any sense of responsibility.

It is, further, unfortunate to see the number of people who fall for fake news of this kind and even more so when a supposedly intelligent and well-read population fails to understand the sensitivity of the issue. For some of those who propagate such hoaxes it is little other than their daily dose of entertainment... for some others it is merely a cheap route to limelight.

Sigh at RIP Adele trending. It's not funny making people think someone's dead, a user wrote on Twitter, in response to the hoax.

Meanwhile, a random user, identified as Lorraine Star has been widely searched for all day. Apparently the tweet announcing singer Cher's death was sent to CNN from her account. The tweet read: RT @CNN: American recording artist Cher dies at 65 years old. Found dead in Malibu home.

Star, who has over 15,000 followers on Twitter, also wrote another post - this time on Canadian teen singer Justin Bieber: Cher Died, follow me. The user has apparently no trepidations in the matter and reportedly continued bragging: I started the Cher Trending topic Because I'm God.

In addition to fake reports on Cher and Adele, a hoax suggesting American actress Demi Moore had died was also making rounds on the Internet.

Interestingly, it wasn't only the entertainers' fans and followers who got all wound up... American reality television star Kim Kardashian must have also believed the hoax. She asked, of her 12,841,710 followers: Did I juist (just) hear Cher has passed away? Is this real? OMG.

I hope this is a twitter joke and not true. I don't see it on the news anywhere. I'm praying its not true, she added later.

Can't believe u would immediately start tweeting about it before finding out facts, a Twitter user wrote in response.

Finally, while the hoax surrounding Adele's death was online, her fans reinterpreted RIP, to read as Really Inspiring Person! Some others, however, were unimpressed... either way...

Dear dumb---es who made RIP Adele a trend, RIP stands for Rest In Peace, not for Really Inspiring Person. RIP Adele is a dumb--- trend, one angry Twitter user wrote.

Anyone who finds it funny that RIP Adele or RIP Demi Moore is trending lacks compassion, respect and kindness. What happened to the truth? noted another user.

Adele's gonna wake up in the morning, check her twitter, and realize that 'RIP ADELE' is trending and wonder if she's alive or dead#NotFunny, one post read.

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