Justin Bieber seeks Jackson-like fame, and no drugs
Justin Bieber seeks Jackson-like fame, and no drugs REUTERS

Just a couple of hours after the RIP Adele death hoax flooded Twitter on Sunday, Canadian teen singing sensation Justin Bieber also joined the list of celebrities who have become victims of the latest round of Twitter death hoaxes.

RIP Justin Bieber soared to the top of the Twitter Trends list, annoying his fans no end; they then resorted to flooding Twitter with messages, in something of a counter attack to the hoax.

That awkward moment when RIP Justin Bieber means Really Inspiring Person bye haters, thanks for keeping it a TT, one tweet read.

Why is RIP Justin Bieber trending?! Wishing someone to die because he's successful & you're not? Who's immature now haterz? YOU. Grow up, wrote another of Bieber fans.

Interestingly, another topic - RIP Bieber Haters - popped up and started trending, leading the original RIP Justin Bieber to fizzle out.

RIP Bieber Haters - Hating on Justin doesn't change him, or affect his career. He is stronger than anyone and he will always be on top, one user posted.

RIP Bieber Haters is probably the best TT for Beliebers & BAM! I saw We Love Jelena. The dumbest TT ever, another user tweeted.

I love say this : Rip Bieber Haters, another post read.

According to reports, Justin Bieber has won the NRJ award for Artist of the Year in France, on Saturday. The NRJ awards are the most prestigious awards in France, given out yearly by the pop radio station, NRJ, based in Cannes, Digital Journal reported.