It is not uncommon for death hoaxes to trend on Twitter, but when the RIP Keke Palmer death hoax began trending early Saturday morning, it sent the actress fuming and allegedly brought her sister to tears.

KeKe Palmer was the latest victim on a celebrity death hoax on Twitter. The actress said she was ashamed that the hoax became a trending topic on the social networking site. Photo credit: Twitter

The Disney star then issued a series of tweets in an effort to inform fans that she is not dead, and also expressed her displeasure that someone would play around with a matter as serious as death and worse, wished it upon her.

Y'all ought to be ashamed of your damn self saying that I died!!!!! I have to answer my phone to hear my sister in got damn tears???????? Palmer tweeted.

That's okay because God will always hold me in his arms and I will continue to walk in his grace.

This Twitter death bullsh*t is getting real out if hand, when it hurts my family?????? she continued.

Don't disrespect me or my family! I pray for you all and your negative energy. You do not mess with death.

But when a fan tweeted to Palmer telling her to calm down, and added that death hoaxes of the sort trend all the time on Twitter, the actress didn't take too kindly to the comment.

No GURL you calm down. No one said you were dead.RT @TheGomezShuffle: @KekePalmer gurl calm down.. Trends like this happens almost everyday, Palmer tweeted.

She later cautioned fans and other Twitter users to, Think before you tweet!! You alarm people's families and friend's. I'm beyond disappointed.

Palmer also noted, I just can't believe twitter 'deaths' have ppl calling me to make sure it isn't true. Thats a shame what ppl do with social media.

Anybody telling me to calm down needs to calm it down real quick honey because you've obviously forgotten the seriousness of death.

But I guess because I'm a celebrity it's okay for ppl to wish death upon me right?

There's something wrong when people think that's okay, Palmer tweeted.

Some fans didn't take too kindly to Palmer's reaction to the Twitter death hoax.

Rip Keke Palmer was trending earlier and look how she reacted on her page.. while other celebritys are all like, Oh. Good god Keke ..., wrote Kayla Ray.

Others found it funny that the actress snapped at the death hoax.

Damn keke palmer snapped she pissed they had rip keke palmer trending lmao, wrote BEEN TRILL.

Whoa, Keke Palmer went off when she saw that RIP about her. She went on a tweeting rampage about it! wrote Chyna Kavan ‏ .

Palmer ins't the first celebrity to fall victim to a Twitter death hoax. Last month, The Beatles Paul McCartney was falsely reported dead on Twitter. Other celebrities who have had the RIP Twitter trend include Justin Bieber, rapper Drake, actor Eddie Murphy, Adele, Rick Ross, LeBron James, Jon Bon Jovi, Charlie Sheen, Adam Sandler, TooShort, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Bacon, Luke Perry, Jack Black, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Tom Green, Mac Miller, Tiger Woods and George Clooney.

What do you think of Keke Palmer's reaction to the Twitter Death hoax? Do you think she overreacted or had Twiter finally gone overboard? Let us know in the comments box below.