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Waiting for the revolution of electric vehicles to finally take over the world is like watching the internets' buffer wheel on your screen do the loop-da-loop - the anticipation is real. With the age of global warming and regular energy supply, the idea of a car that doesn't run on fossil fuels is more attractive than ever, especially when we add a drop of AeonCharge to help us find our way.

AeonCharge AeonCharge

Despite electric cars making their way onto the scene in recent times, most vehicles on our streets today are still gasoline-powered.

That's all about to change.

The combustion engine machine and its revving engine joyous music to the ears of the common gearhead} has been churning out vast opportunities for car-makers and oil companies for centuries.

But the industry is transforming faster than ever, and powerful four-wheeled empires are following suit. Enter EV, electric cars at their finest.

Only two years ago, the BBC caught up with the latest roll-out trends as "Jaguar plans to sell only electric cars from 2025, Volvo from 2030, and the British sportscar company Lotus said it would only sell electric models from 2028."

Even Formula 1 has created a Formula E car that can run a whole race on a single battery pack.

However, the electrifying reason behind these sudden urges to supercharge and excel in technology and travel comes at a time of desperate need - an environmental wake-up call.

In 2022, a United States Environmental Protection Agency study showed that "greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation account for about 27% of total U.S. GHG emissions, making it the largest contributor of U.S."

Over 100 years ago, people would never have imagined pumping all of this carbon dioxide into the atmosphere was doing so much damage to the place we call home – and boy, were we wrong.

And so, in the age of global warming and chronic energy supply chain disruptions, the idea of a car that doesn't run on fossil fuels is more attractive than ever. When it comes to EVs' environmental impact, the benefits are unmatched.

EVs do less damage to the environment daily. They don't release CO2 into the atmosphere like fossil fuel-powered vehicles; they encourage charging your car at home or using solar panels to give it an extra kick.

Plus, as cars become computers on wheels, let's not forget how the car industry is moving towards self-driving.

Even though there is still a lot of work to be done before electric vehicles drive their petrol and diesel rivals off the road, more and more charging stations are popping up worldwide.

But there is a problem. While everyone needs to be able to charge their cars efficiently - whether or not they have a driveway at home, finding the best option on the open road remains crucial.

"After talking to many different EV drivers, we found that about 80% use more than six mobile apps to find public EV chargers in the US alone," explains co-founder and CEO of AeonCharge, Dwi Sutandar.

He continues, "these statistics partially explain why - according to data from the University of California Davis, two out of 10 EV drivers abandon their EVs and go back to gasoline vehicles out of frustration."

With innovators like co-founder and CEO Dwi Sutandar and his Seattle team, America's EV industry is set to soar. With their revolutionary electric vehicle plug and charge technology, entitled AeonCharge taking center stage, Sutandar is ready to make the USA an environmental EV leader for good.

AeonCharge is a socially-conscious, mission-driven start-up. This revolutionary game-changer is set out to explore the possibilities of new technologies to help further advance the charging capabilities of EV drivers.

They enhance the EV charging experience for end users by making EV charging more available through their chosen interface, whether a parking app or a built-in navigation system in your vehicle.

"Our goal is to help EV drivers find a parking spot with a charger and let them know whether the charger is currently being used by someone else," says Sutandar. Then - with a single click, people can start and pay for a charging session by just plugging in the charger.

They are the only company with this particular system in the U.S. "We stand out in our industry because we promote neutrality, improve the EV charging experience for end users (EV drivers), and are high-tech," expresses Sutandar.

As an expert in the nanotechnology space, having served as the Technical Director at Solar Chapter, an international non-profit extension of the World Bank, responsible for managing engineers across four continents, Dwi Sutandar is changing lives.

And after uniting with his team of experts birthed at Purdue University, the Indonesian-born phenomenon is ready to take his company to the top.

"Lastly, we are a future-proof company with advanced bi-directional technology, including Plug & Charge, and V2G," affirms Sutandar.

As the world continues to churn out EVs and battle the challenges of production, innovative companies like AeonCharge are ready to serve the needs of the future, making the US a leading example in the world of technology.

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