A dog was slashed in the face by armed robbers as she tried to stop them from stealing her six puppies. The incident took place in Manchester, England, on Saturday morning.

Two robbers, armed with machetes, broke into an apartment Saturday morning and attacked a man inside before stealing cash and a phone. When they tried to shove the six newborn puppies into bags, their mother, Zena, tried to stop them. However, the robbers attacked the mother dog with the machete before running away with the puppies and the robbed items. While Zena suffered a deep cut to her head, the man who was attacked suffered defensive wounds to his hands.

Police began a hunt for the robbers and recovered the six Staffie crossbreed puppies two miles away from the apartment. The puppies were reunited with their mother, who was “over the moon.”

“The puppies are all safe and well, and have been reunited with their mother, Zena, who was absolutely delighted to see them,” police said.

 “This was an incredibly callous robbery, where the offenders showed absolutely no regard for the safety of anyone, human or animal, who was present at the time. They only had one thing on their mind, which was to take whatever they could,” police added.

Meanwhile, a 40-year-old man was taken into custody for questioning. Police said the robbers were black men in their 20s black. They were slim and wore dark clothing.

“It has been a huge effort from the team to reunite the puppies with their mother before the worst happened, however our investigation is not finished there and we are keen to speak with anyone who can help us. If you have information that you think may be of use to us, no matter how big or small, then I would encourage you to please contact the investigation team, or Crimestoppers,” police said.