• Cameron Diaz gave Robbie Williams relationship advice that changed his life
  • Robbie and Ayda got married in August 2010
  • The couple has four children 

Robbie Williams recently revealed that actress Cameron Diaz saved his relationship with wife, Ayda Field, by providing some guidance when they were on a break.

Robbie said when he and his wife were on a break before getting married, he met Diaz and Drew Barrymore at a hotel in Los Angeles. During the conversation, Diaz gave him some relationship advice which changed his life.

"I'm floating around and we had split up and I was chatting away with people and I had started to chat with Drew and Cameron. I started to espouse about this brilliant person that I had just ended a relationship with and there were all of these words coming out of my mouth about how incredible you were, how beautiful, smart, funny," the 46-year-old singer recalled during an episode of their podcast "(Staying) At Home With the Williamses.”

"And Cameron Diaz said, 'It doesn't sound like that one's over' and in that moment the universe went, 'Go to Ayda, be with her, marry her,'" he recalled.

Ayda replied, "Thank god for Cameron Diaz by the way. Next time I see Cameron Diaz I'm going to make out with her!"

The two got married in August 2010 at Robbie’s Beverly Hills home before 75 family members and friends.

"Can you imagine if Cameron had never done that. Imagine if you had never had that conversation?" Ayda questioned.

The couple welcomed their first daughter two years after their marriage and a son in 2014. They welcomed another daughter via surrogate in 2018 and their fourth child via surrogate in February.

On Friday, Aug.7, the couple celebrated their anniversary.

In an adorable Instagram post, Ayda wrote, “August 7, 2010...I said ‘I Do’...10 years, 8 dogs, 4 kids, 3 cats, 2 turtles, and 1 best friend later, ‘I Do’ all over again. Let’s keep climbing this mountain ‘til we reach the top...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BOO.”

British singer Robbie Williams arrives on the red carpet for the German premiere of ''Cars 2'' in Munich
British singer Robbie Williams arrives on the red carpet for the German premiere of ''Cars 2'' in Munich July 28, 2011. Reuters