Robert Carradine car crash
Robert Carradine at the "King of the Nerds" press room at the New York Comic Con, Oct. 9, 2014. Getty Images

Robert Carradine purposely caused a horrific car crash in 2015 to kill himself and his estranged wife Edith Carradine, TMZ reported Thursday citing court documents. In her filing, Edith alleges that the "Revenge of the Nerds" star confessed that the head-on crash into a semi-truck in Colorado in March 2015 was no accident.

Edith said that she confronted her husband about the crash four months after the incident to took place and he admitted "to me and our two children that he deliberately drove into the truck to kill us both." Edith and Robert were injured in the crash but did not receive any life-threatening injuries.

In the court documents, Edith also alleged that Robert purposely veered onto the wrong side of the highway and into the path of an oncoming truck. According to Edith, the 63-year-old actor, who is an experienced race car driver and has been suffering from depression since his brother David's death in 2009.

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Edith wrote in the court filing that she fears Robert would harm himself and requested that his 17 guns be handed over to her, TMZ reported.

Months after the car crash incident took place, Edith and Robert filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. In court documents filed in November 2015, Robert has allegedly asked for spousal support from Edith, while requesting that the court terminates its ability not to award spousal support to his wife. It is unclear if the divorce, which is yet to be finalized, had anything to do with the 2015 car crash.

Currently, the estranged couple is feuding over money as Edith has demanded Robert to pay for her $14,000 debt in attorney fees.

In 2015, Robert and his wife were removed from the totaled car by firefighters and transported to Southwest Memorial Hospital in Cortez before getting transferred to Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango. Colorado State Police Sgt. James Saunders said at the time of the crash that the only reason Edith and Robert survived was because of their seatbelts. The hood of Robert's car was ripped off, the engine was left mangled and the windshield was smashed.

"In crashes with this magnitude of damage, seatbelts save lives," he said. "It takes two seconds to put your seatbelt on. It's always worth it."

Robert, the brother of actor Keith Carradine and the late actor David Carradine, was cited for driving carelessly at the time. But officials said drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the car crash. Sgt. Rob Madden, a spokesman for the Colorado State Patrol, told the Cortez Journal at the time that Robert mailed in a $169.50 payment after he was ticketed for the crash.

Robert is most famous for his role in the 1984 comedy "Revenge of the Nerds" co-starring Anthony Edwards, Ted McGinley, Timothy Busfield and Bernie Casey. Robert and his wife both starred in an episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap," swapping with American football wide receiver Terrell Owens and his girlfriend.