• A student stabbed his classmate during an altercation in Rockport Middle School, Massachusetts on Monday
  • The 13-year-old female victim was hospitalized and news updates report that she the injuries  are non-threatening
  • The 13-year-old male suspect was taken into police custody

A middle school student was stabbed in an altercation with a fellow student in Rockport, Massachusetts on Monday.

Rockport Police responded to reports of assault involving two students in the hallway of Rockport Middle School.

According to The Boston Globe, Rockport Superintendent Robert Liebow said that the 13-year-old female victim was hospitalized while the other student, a 13-year-old male is in police custody following a “serious physical assault”.

He added that classes will continue with police presence at the school, the Washington Times reported.

“One student has been transferred to the hospital and the other student is in police custody at this time,” Liebow said in an email regarding the incident.

“Rockport police are here at the school and have determined that it is safe to continue with school today. They will be here throughout the day today. Of course as parents you have the right to dismiss your students as you see fit. I will contact you again later today as more details become available.”

News updates report that the victim's injuries are non-threatening.

No further details were released about the incident or how and where the juvenile was taken into custody.

Video cameras monitor the halls of Sidney High School
Video cameras monitor the halls of Sidney High School AFP / Megan JELINGER