Acupuncture and infertility are closely related to each other. Before you make any assumptions, we would like to tell you that the relationship between the two is that of a disease and cure. Acupuncture is a miraculous technique widely used for curing acupuncture. There are several cases where acupuncture has proved 100% effective in curing this disease.

The technique has been duly recognized as a genuine form of treatment by doctors in the west. The treatment has been in existence and practice for about more than 3,000 years in china. When it comes to treating infertility, acupuncture is known to work wonders.

The technique has been considered as an alternative method of treating problems related to fertility. It is also seen as a complimentary treatment to modern fertility therapies. Problems related to infertility such as irregular ovulation can be treated successfully via using acupuncture as the only treatment option.

Some medical practitioners may also recommend certain Chinese herbs for infertility that works towards supplementing the acupuncture treatmenta patient is undergoing. However, when taking herbs while undergoing acupuncture as a treatment for infertility, you need to make sure that your doctor knows about it. This will ensure that you are not getting affected by any side effects of the herbs.

There are also cases where women get relieved from the problems related to infertility via staying relaxed. Acupuncture works towards providing a lot of relax to the body. This is extremely necessary for treating infertility arising due to a lot of stress experienced by the patient.

According to a German Study conducted in the year 2002, it has been proved that out of eighty women who underwent IVF and also received acupuncture, about thirty four got pregnant. The success rate is a phenomenal amount of about 42.5%.

Acupuncture is the best deal for treating problems like infertility because it does not have any side effects. Also when received with herbal medicines, the rate of success chances increases. The technique work towards reestablishing body functions in a gentle manner and facilitates conception. This ultimately results in a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

It has been said that Acupuncture in conjunction with herbal medicine can easily eliminate the requirement for therapies such as Assisted Reproductive Therapies (ART) such as IVF and IUI.

However, in cases where ART is a necessity, researches have shown that acupuncture can enhance the success rate.

Benefits of acupuncture in cases of infertility

- Regulation of the menstrual cycle

- Reduction in stress levels

- Enhance in the libido

- Prevention of miscarriages

- Strengthening the immune system

- Minimizing stress levels

- Thickening endometrial lining

- Enhancing and regulating cervical fluid that's beneficial for conception.

- Regulation of hormonal functions

- Reducing elevated levels of FSH

- Encouraging ovulation

- Improving mobility of sperm in men

- Improving the quality of sperm in men

- Improving the volume of semen in men

To sum up, acupuncture has a lot to do with the issue of curing infertility both in men and women. Believe in this superb technique and it will help you cure all your problems.

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