Ronda Rousey’s family is showing their support after the former bantamweight champion lost her second consecutive fight. In a shocking loss Friday night, Rousey was defeated by Amanda Nunes from Brazil 48 seconds into the first round of UFC 207.

Rousey’s mother, AnnMaria De Mars, posted a blog post shortly after the bout writing that she was extremely proud of her daughter. “All of those who have criticized Ronda for taking a loss so to heart, for not just ‘shrugging it off’ don’t understand that’s what made Ronda so successful is that she cares DEEPLY about winning to an extent that I don’t believe the average person can wrap his/her head around,” she wrote. “Caring deeply about something and working your hardest to achieve it doesn’t mean you make the right decisions 100% of the time. Wouldn’t it be a nicer world if it did?”

“Those of you who want to criticize Ronda, I just want to point out a few things,” De Mars continued. “First of all, I know her better than you and she is a smart, kind, talented, generous, hard-working person.”

De Mars then listed off some of Rousey’s accomplishments, reminding everyone that her daughter won titles such as junior world judo champion, U.S. Open gold medalist and co-authored a sports book all before she was 30 years old. “I am very proud of my daughter,” she said. “As my other wonderful daughter, Maria, told her, ‘We love you just as much 10 minutes after every fight as we did in the 10 minutes before.’”   

De Mars’ comments came after Rousey was defeated yet again in the ring. Her first loss was last year to fellow American fighter Holly Holm in Melbourne, Australia. Speaking to the press after Rousey’s latest defeat, UFC president Dana White said the former champion was upset but was handling the loss a lot better than last time.

“She was backstage and obviously she was upset,” he said. “But she’s got a lot of support for her, and I think it’ll be a lot better than the Holm fight.”

While Rousey has remained quiet about the fight, Nunes told reporters that she worked very hard leading up to the match. “When I asked for this fight I know everything,” she said. “I prepare in my mind, my spirit and body for this moment. I know Ronda Rousey is bigger. I know they love Ronda Rousey. But no one is taking this belt from me.”