Police in Roseville, California, on Tuesday released the identity of the man who admitted to killing four when he arrived at the Mount Shasta police station with the body of one of his victims in his car.

Shankar Nagappa Hangud, 53, was delivered into the custody of the Roseville police on Monday night from authorities in Siskiyou County and is currently being held in South Placer Jail. He faces four charges of murder.

“This incident has touched the lives of many in the area,” Captain John Simon said at a press conference. “It’s a very sad, sad situation.”

Simon said that a murder of this nature has not occurred in the Roseville area in many years. Police believe that the killings took place over the course of several days. An exact motive cannot be determined at this time but Hangud was found to have been facing a $178,603 tax lien from the IRS, according to the Modesto Bee.

Hangud is believed to have left Roseville and traveled to several areas in northern California before arriving at Mount Shasta to make his confession. Roseville police conducted a search of his apartment minutes after receiving a call from the Mount Shasta police and found three more bodies, lining up with the man’s story.

Police have declined to reveal the names and ages of the man’s victims but were related to Hangud. Two of the victims were adults, while two were children.

“[The investigation is] less than 24 hours underway, there are many stones that have been unturned,” Simon said.

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Representational image Getty Images/Jonathan Alcorn