Not only is the royal baby finally here, but he also has a name now. It wasn’t clear how long Prince William and Kate Middleton were going to take to name their child, but two days after he was born they decided on a moniker fit for a future king: George Alexander Louis.

Much of the world had closely anticipated the royal child’s birth, so the announcement of his name on Wednesday was icing on the cake for those who avidly followed the royal baby news.

But not everyone is a fan of the pandemonium that has ensued since the Duchess of Cambridge announced she was with child. Instead of congratulating the British royals, others seemed to celebrate the end of the craziness surrounding the Great Kate Wait. Accordingly, Memes about the naming flooded social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Prince Harry is no longer third in line for the crown, which has been widely talked about since Prince George’s birth. Comparisons were made to Disney’s “The Lion King.” In the animated children’s film, Scar kills his brother, King Mufasa, so he could be king. Next, he blames the impressionable Simba, the king’s son, for his father’s death, and he sends him into exile. Countless memes with Harry’s head on Scar’s body, and the rest of the royal family’s heads on other film characters' bodies, have been created.

In another viral image, Queen Elizabeth II is jokes that her grandson should have named his son George Michael since he took so long to “come out.” The royal baby was reportedly due July 13, but he wasn’t born until a week later.

The moment Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped out with their son for the first time evoked scenes when Princess Diana and Prince Charles revealed Prince William to the world. Others drew comparisons to when Michael Jackson hung his 9-month-old son Prince Michael II over a balcony in Berlin with one arm and a blanket that covered his face.

Check out some of the images swirling around the web.