Update: The royal couple have decided on the Seychelles as their honeymoon destination.

According to The Guardian, the royal newlyweds landed at the Seychelles Islands' international airport yesterday. After arriving at the airport, the couples were flown by helicopter to their secluded villa on a private island.

This is William's and Catherine's second vacation to the Seychelles. They spent a romantic week there in 2007.

About the Seychelles

The Seychelles is a sub-Saharan African archipelago consisting of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, east of mainland Africa. It is a democratic government in good political and economic standing.

Art on the Islands

The small yet stunning islands are a tropical paradise and an artist's dream. The islands host many well-known artists, and while touring on the island it's common to stumble upon a gallery or artist's home.

Mahé and Praslin especially have a vibrant art scene, and are home to a number of well-known artists -- providing authentic artwork and souvenirs for travelers to the island.

Amongst a few well known artists are, Michael Adams, who was given an MBE by Queen Elisabeth in 2011 for his art services in the Seychelles. He has his own private gallery where he shows many of his watercolors and screen prints of people, land and seascapes.

Specializing in bronze sculpture is Tom bowers, who has many works displayed in private collections worldwide. He welcomes visitors to his studio in Anse a la Mouche, Santa Maria, Southern Mahé. He creates figures depicting local life, turtles, and female figures.

Other known artists are Donald Adelaide, James August and Barbara Jenson.