Michelle Obama shared her close encounter with Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the royals.

While speaking at a MUSE event, the former first lady opened up about her "sleepover" at the Buckingham Palace with the royal family in 2011. According to Barack Obama's wife, they had "enough interacting" with the royals.

"I think by the time we had the sleepover we had enough interacting with them," Obama said (via Daily Mail).

"The surprising thing is folks wanted to be treated normally," the former FLOTUS continued. "Everybody is happy when all the people are gone. They want to be hugged. They want to be touched. They gossip."

When asked about the food, Michelle preferred those served at the White House than the one they had at the Buckingham Palace. "I don't want to insult anybody, American food is just better," Michelle said.

However, she noted that the monarch had "better china." "Everything is gold. We had seen the gold room - there's a room where they keep all the gold," Michelle added. "It was Sasha's birthday and the Queen opened the house and she let us see that room."

The Obamas share a great friendship with the royal family, in particular, to Prince Harry. In fact, the former U.S. president was photographed laughing as he chatted with Meghan Markle's fiancé back in September during the Invictus Games at Toronto while they watched the wheelchair basketball game.

The Obamas' attendance at Prince Harry and Markle's royal wedding is still uncertain. Initially, it was believed that the royals would not invite the Obamas and Donald Trump to avoid diplomatic problems. However, there now seems to be new speculations as to the wedding guest list.

"We've changed our minds on this. We think Harry is in a position that he does not have to worry about the political implications of an invite," Rupert Adams, a spokesman for the betting agency William Hill PLC, told USA Today. "We feel strongly that the Obamas will get an invite."

However, Adams believed that while Obamas have the chance to attend the royal wedding, it's unlikely for Trump to receive an invite. "We'd be very surprised to see him [Trump] on the guest list," Adams added.

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama shared her close encounter with the royal family. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II and Barack and Michelle Obama in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle ahead of a private lunch hosted by the Queen on April 22, 2016 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/John Stillwell