Meghan Markle received a new title that prompted netizens to react.

Tatler listed the top 10 social risers in London Society. “But just cast an eye on today’s Society and you’ll soon see how high the underprivileged have soared,” the report stated.

The Duchess of Sussex leads the list by securing the top spot. The report received mixed reactions from royal fans. Some believed that the report was true while others felt that it was another racist attack against Markle.

Royal correspondent Omid Scobie defended the Duchess of Sussex and criticized “60 Minutes Australia” for giving the racists a platform. Many reacted to his post, but one seemed to believe the report and insisted that Markle deserves the criticism and she should leave the royal family.

“Britain’s number one social climber, Meghan Markle, deserves the scorn of all Britons who love and care about the royal family. People like me who admire the Royal Family want the social climber to move away from the BRF. Meghan brought chaos!” one netizen wrote.

A different netizen commented about the issue and said that the only “greasy pole” in the royal family is Prince Andrew and not Markle. Meanwhile, other netizens wondered if Kate Middleton is also a gold digger since she also climbed up the society ladder after marrying Prince William. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge allegedly changed schools to be in the same university as Prince William.

“I remembered when Kate got married to William and everybody was mentioning how it was a fairytale wedding because she is a middle class woman and no one said anything about her being a social climber. I wonder why?” the netizen wrote.

For royal commentator Elaine Lui, Middleton is a social climber just like Markle. According to her, Middleton changed her submission and school just like many other young women after learning that Prince William was going to St. Andrews. 

She also pointed out how Middleton got her way into Prince William’s circle through him, which is social climbing and networking. When Middleton became Prince William’s girlfriend, she started hanging out with the royal people like aristocrats because that’s what royal people do.

Markle’s perennial critic Piers Morgan immediately reacted to the report and sarcastically congratulated Prince Harry’s wife. According to him, the duchess strived to achieve such honor and worked hard for it. “Great social climbing,” he said.

Meghan Markle Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends a Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House on March 11, 2019, in London, England. Photo: Getty Images/Chris Jackson