royals season 1
"The Royals" Season 1 finale will reunite Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and Jasper (Tom Austen). E!

“The Royals” Season 1 finale will deliver some juicy drama. When we last saw the royal family, Boone (Tom Christian) visited Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and told her that he killed Prince Robert. He didn’t commit suicide as Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) claimed. Meanwhile, Prince Liam (William Moseley) was drowning his sorrows in alcohol after it was announced he and Eleanor were not actually their father’s children, and King Simon (Vincent Regan) was still unconscious after being stabbed. Expect even more excitement in the “Royals” Season 1 finale.

1. A Dark Finale -- Alexandra Park told fans to expect an intense episode of the E! drama. “From about episode 7, the show sort of turns down a darker path than it originally started out on and it continues in that dark path,” she told E! News.

Her character Eleanor knows something is wrong after Boone’s visit. Eleanor will be on a mission to reveal some secrets and find out who is trying to destroy her family. In the trailer, she says she refuses to trust anyone and even has a gun. Watch "The Royals" finale promo below:

2. Jasper Returns -- Eleanor will need help, but she doesn’t have many people she can trust anymore. In a sneak peek video, she gets Jasper (Tom Austen) out of jail. Even though there’s a laundry list of things he has done wrong (including blackmailing her with a sex tape and sleeping with her mother), Eleanor isn’t sure who else can help.

“The King is supposedly no longer my father, everyone is being manipulated by Cyrus, no one is to be trusted and I can’t find Liam,” Eleanor explains. “So ironically, I now turn to you, the one person who I could never trust, who suddenly may be the only person who can keep me from waking up dead.”

Watch the sneak-peek video at InStyle.

3. Liam Gets Violent -- In the official trailer, Liam is shown punching someone. “Admit it!” he yells. It isn’t clear whom he attacked, but someone can be heard yelling for help. Could it be Cyrus? Perhaps Boone? Or is it someone else entirely?

4. Possible Cliffhanger -- While the ending of the show is being kept under wraps, “The Royals” has been renewed for Season 2. Executive producer Mark Schwahn was known for intense, life-threatening cliffhangers when he ran “One Tree Hill,” so it wouldn’t be surprising if this finale leaves fans searching for answers.

“The Royals” Season 1 finale airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EDT on E! Who do you think Liam is attacking? Sound off in the comments section below!